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Thank You, Next BitLife Challenge Completed!

Nov 20th 2023

This week's challenge in BitLife is all about relationships, and it seems you'll need to create quite few of them to get this one wrapped up. First of all, here is a break down of the specific steps needed to complete Thank You, Next, before we go into more detail for each one.

Thank You, Next BitLife Challenge Completed!
Thank You, Next BitLife Challenge Completed!

How to Complete Thank You, Next Challenge in BitLife

  • Be born a female in Florida
  • Go out with 5+ different people in secondary school
  • Break off 3+ different engagements
  • Divorce 2+ different spouses
  • Adopt 5+ cats after your second divorce

Maybe that's all you'll need from us, but as usual, we've got complete details of how to complete each of those individual tasks, and if you are stuck on any, you can either drop a comment at the bottom of this page, or send in a question for our community to try to answer.

Let's get started with our complete guide on how to complete the Thank You, Next challenge on BitLife.

Be Born a Female in Florida

The first objective in this challenge to to be born as a female in Florida. To do this start a new like and select Female as your gender options and USA birthplace, specifically you'll need to select a City within Florida, there are three to choose from; Jacksonville, Miami, or Orlando.

This should complete the first task in this challenge, onto the next.

Go out with 5+ Different People in Secondary School

Grow your character until they are secondary school age, then you'll need to start dating! To start dating you'll need to start being friends with guys, then over time you may get asked on dates. The Looks stat can be quite helpfu here, the higher the better. So if your Looks stats ar low and you're not getting any dates, it could be a good idea to try to restart this challenge and try to get a character with a higher Looks stat.

Although you don't have to wait to be asked to go on a date. Check the Activities tab and select the Love menu, then the Dating App. Using that app within the game should hook you up with enough dates during your four years at high school to complete this part of the challenge.

Secondary School Explained

What's Secondary School in BitLife?

Break off 3+ Different Engagements

Breaking up is never easy to do, except in BitLife, and to complete this part of the challenge you'll need to do it at least three times. Here's how. Form a relationship with someone and continue to date them, you'll need to do all of the usual generally nice otpions such as buying them gifts and spending time with them. Eventually you'll get a proposal of marriage, after you have accepted you need to go to the Relationships tab and break up with them! Unfortunately this is the only way you can get through this part of the challenge, and you'll need to do this whole process three times to get it done and move onto the next task.

Divorce 2+ Different Spouses

Now you need to take a relationship right through to a marriage. So that's the process of dating, getting engaged and then finally married. Once married you'll need to open up the Relationships tap again, but this time select the option to file for divorce. Complete this whole process twice to complete this part of the Thank You, Next Challenge in BitLife.

Adopt 5+ Cats After Your Second Divorce

The final task in this challenge is to adopt five or more cats after your second divorce. This is pretty simple to do, head to the Activities menu and select Pets. Then you just need to select somewhere where you can get cats, this is the Pet Store, Cat Breeders or Shelter. In the game it doesn't matter which one you opt for but you'll need to do it five times to get your five cats to complete this part of the challenge and wrap up Thank You, Next.

If you are stuck on any point of this challenge, feel free to drop or comment or send in a question for our community.

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