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How to get rich in BitLife

How to get rich in BitLife
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There are many ways to life a bitlife and many goals that you night be heading towards. One thing that generally helps in many cases though it to make a pile of money. There are many ways to do this, a good job, a successful criminal career or just luck. Here are our top tips on increasing your earnings and becoming one of the 1%.

Start out right
One of the safest ways to ensure a good income and a good chance of becoming rich is to study hard at the beginning of the game. Getting the education right is essential to moving on to a well paid job. Choose to study hard every year and apply for scholarship to get the right further education.

It is worth noting where you are initially born and live also. If you are not is a good country to get a good education or career then consider emigrating as soon as possible or even re-rolling to a new life with better circumstances.

To get the cash flow started you can ask your parents for cash in the early years.This can let you build up money to make later choices easier.

It make take a while to get to this point but as soon as you can you can also start to trade property. If you can set up a good schedule of buying and selling through the years then you can keep a steady income coming in from this in addition to other sources.

High Paid Jobs
Some of the highest paid jobs include Doctors, Laywers, Politicians and all require that you have studied hard and chosen the correct educational path during your youth. Plan ahead for this if this is the route you want to take.

As an alternative to the jobs above you can embark on a acting career, or become famous as a social media icon or take a more adult oriented career path in the porn industry. All of these positions come with opportunities to make a lot of money.

Gamble on Luck
There are a few ways to test your luck in Bit life. Possibly the safest is to buy lottery tickets whenever you get the chance. The lottery has better odds than in real life although you still need luck to win and if you do then you will be set, so it is worth doing this.

The other options for gambling are the racetrack and the casino. Both will require you to have a decent amount of cash to start betting with and both have a chance of loosing you a lot of money as well as gaining it. But playing cards at the casino is probably your best bet as there is at least some chance of using skill to win there.

One final way to get rich from luck is through inheritance. You will need to be lucky to find yourself in a wealthy family but you also need to make sure you treat your parents well (or possibly in-laws) to be certain to be the beneficiary when they die.

As an alternative to working hard you could decide on a criminal empire. The bigger the crime the more you can make but you run the risk of getting caught and ending up in prison for some time. There are opportunities for a career criminal to make a lot of cash though.

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