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How to be a Brain Surgeon

How to be a Brain Surgeon
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Becoming a brain surgeon in BitLife is a simple enough as long as you have the smarts! Your journey in BitLife to become a brain surgeon and start living the high life with a massive salary is starts with you being born with fairly decent smarts stats, you'll really want to be starting off at least around the 50 level and then build up from there through your early years.

As soon as you start primary school at age 6, you'll want to take the opportunity to 'Study Harder' you can find this as the bottom option in the schools tab, after you tap your primary school. And also in the Activities tab, under Mind and Body you should start to read a book and visit the library as soon as you are able to. These actions will increase your smarts to 100 which is where you want to try to keep them to get through high school, university and medical school. It's a long journey to become a brain surgeon so you'll need to make the right decisions early in the game to achieve this goal in BitLife.
Keep your smarts high to become a brain surgeon in BitLife
Keep your smarts high to become a brain surgeon in BitLife

Along the way during your school live you'll have to make certain decisions. To make the correct choices in order to become a brain surgeon in BitLife you should be thinking what would a person do that is sensible and studious. So don't do things that will get you into trouble, don't fight and walk away from any trouble. These may be the more boring options to choose, but you really need to avoid anything that will get you kicked out of school and even killed!

When you get to the age to apply for university, if your smarts are still around the 100, then you should apply for a scholarship, this will mean you have no hefty university fees to pay. But make sure you continue to study harder, read books, participate in extra curricular activities, and visit the library to make sure your smarts to up near 100.
Apply for a Scholarship if your smarts are high
Apply for a Scholarship if your smarts are high

To help keep up your other stats like happiness, you should also take some part time jobs while at university so you can afford to do things for your health and happiness in the game such as going to the gym, going the salon and to the cinema. With your high smarts, a pretty safe but is to apply to be a tutor, you can increase the hourly rate and get lots of good gigs to give you some spare cash.

Another thing to keep your happiness high is to interact with your current relationships. So you'll need to make conversation, pay compliments etc... Even buy gifts, keeping your friends happy will in turn generally keep you happy.

Once you have finished university, you should directly apply to medical school. If you have keep your smarts at 100, and not ignored your health and happiness too then you could well be accepted for a scholarship, meaning you don't have to pay for the course. Just make sure you keep up your smarts as you don't want to risk getting booted off the course!

Get through medical school, you'll then be able to apply for a job as a brain surgeon. you will have to keep your smarts high throughout your career though, so keep working harder, and keep reading books to help with that.
Get through the interview question with a sensible answer!
Get through the interview question with a sensible answer!

Don't ignore your other stats though, especially your happiness stat so keep interacting with your relationships and doing things that your sim will enjoy such as going to the cinema or the spa.

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