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BitLife School Update - Popularity and Grades

BitLife School Update - Popularity and Grades
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The latest update for Candywriter's life simulator game BitLife contains a lot of updates to give more activities, opportunities and challenges during your school years. This is designed to make the formative years of a life run more interesting and possibly more challenging.

When you start school at around age 5 depending on your nationality you will gain 2 new stats to consider and manipulate over the education years, these are Grades and Popularity. The initial values of your grades stat will be based on your characters initial smarts while popularity will be related to your other stats.

Throughout your school career you can alter these grades and popularity ratings through study (or not) and normal activities that affect your health, happiness etc. But there are many more ways now to change them.

Interactions with classmates

When interacting with your fellow students you have six options to choose from. Compliment, Conversation, Flirt, Gift, Insult and Mess. Each will let you build (or destroy) your relationships with them individually and affect your relationships with all of them.

The first two options will be important if you are trying to build a well liked character to advance successfully through school. And gift may help you out if you are rich. All of te activities though can fail if you are not popular in the first place.

Insult and Mess will have the opposite effect and can lead to trouble which is normally a bad idea unless you are trying for an evil character.

Interactions with teachers

There will also be a range of teachers / head teachers / professors that you can interact with in BitLife, and doing so will allow you to manipulate your grades and also popularity. The options you have will be: Act Up, Compliment, Disrespect, Gift, Insult, and Suck Up.

In general the positive actions will give a small boost to your grades score and improve your relationships with the teacher. Which can help with making school teams and other school achievements. Overdoing it though may result in the opposite effect and could also end up dropping your popularity.

Acting up to your teacher can mean a knock to your grades but also can make you more popular. To much though, or choosing to insult and disrespect them can land you in trouble. Too much trouble and you will visit the principal with options to apologise (and lose some cred and happiness) or argue and risk punishment.

At worst you can be expelled from the school which will have effects for your grades and other stats but you will be re enrolled in another school automatically so you cannot skip education this way.

Hopefully this new update will give you a lot of new options to explore and make the school years more of a challenge to get through. Please let us know below what you have tried and managed to achieve with these new activities and interations and if you have any questions please ask them on the Answers Page.

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