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How to be a Pilot

How to be a Pilot
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Becoming a Pilot in BitLife is an important step to getting the Airline Captain role. If you want to achieve this Profession or just get the Pilot qualification here is our quick run down of the best way to do it.

Start Smart
To get the best start on the road to being a pilot you want to start the life you have with a character whose intelligence is above average and work on improving or maintaining this smart stat to the higher end, 85 +, so that you would not have any problem when applying for the university after graduating from school.

If you character does not start out with a good smart stat it would be best to re roll a new life until you have this.

Maintain The Smart Stat
To best improve or maintain this stat you will need to make sure you are visiting the library and study harder while in school.
Library: – Activities -> mind & body -> library.
Study Harder: – School -> Primary/Secondary -> Study Harder.

What to Study at University
Unusually to become a pilot in BitLife, you need to get into the medical school. When you apply to university the best options to choose are Biology or Psychology for the main subject. Make sure to continue to Study hard every year and also to visit the library to maintain the smarts.

After graduating from the university apply for the medical school. You will need to have kept that smart stat high to be sure of being accepted at this point.

Pilot Training
The next hurdle you face is finding the pilot trainee job position. With luck the vacancy will be there for you first try and with the medical qualification you should be accepted. If you find that the pilot position is not available immediately then you can apply for a medical job such as Surgeon to work for a year before retrying for the Pilot position. It will be down to luck when the position becomes available for you.

If you take the option to work hard each year in the position then you will get promotions which will take you from pilot trainee to Co-Pilot, then Co-Pilot to Pilot, and finally you can advance to Airline Captain.

You may find other paths through the game that will allow you to reach the Airline Captain role but this will be the best way to get you there as reliably as possible. If you have any questions about this walkthrough or for the game in general please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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