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How to get the Ribbons in BitLife

How to get the Ribbons in BitLife
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The ribbons in BitLife are a set of achievement style targets to hit and give you some interesting and fun activities to work towards. This Ribbons guide will give you the explanation and methods to let you obtain all of the ribbons in the game.

There are currently 30 ribbons to gain in BitLife. The ribbons are handed out when you complete a full life and is shown over your gravestone. You can check which ones you've earned in the main menu
How to get the Ribbons in BitLife

It is only possible to gain one ribbon with each life and it is quite possible to qualify for more than one as you play though. If you are trying to get one in particular remember to also try not to get others (for example the money related ones) as when you die you may easily be awarded the wrong one.

This one is fairly obvious. You need to hook up with as many people as possible during a life.To do this go to the nightclubs and engage in as many one-night stands as you can. Aim to be with around 30 or more partners to achieve this ribbon.

This one if for mothers. Have at least four children during the life and try to be a decent mother.

The scandalous ribbon will require you to get into trouble. Start fights, be aggressive and even spend sometime in jail. But not too much time.

This is the easiest ribbon to get, All you need to do is start a game and before doing anything, go to the 'activities' tab and then select 'Surrender'. Waste that life chance and move on to the next.

And on to the next easiest to get. No activities to complete here, just hit the age button over and over until you die. So lazy.

A Life of learning is for you for this ribbon. Focus as much on school as possible, choose to study hard, go to college and keep studying each year. Keep following an academic path and when you graduate from college, go on to graduate school, then once you leave and get a job you can also go to the library to maintain the academic trend. It is advisable not to try to earn too much money for this ribbon to activate.

The idea is to live as a hero or die a hero. The simplest way to become a hero in the game is choosing the right occupation. For this you will need to either become a doctor, nurse, or join the army. If you are in the army make sure to stay away from conflicts though. It is possible to die saving another life which can also grant this ribbon.

Another self explanatory one, get rich, don't die trying. You will need to have a net worth of one million at the end of your life. The best way to do this is to study hard academically, go to college, and then find a well paid career to follow. This is similar to academic but make sure you capitalise on the hard work and make the big bucks.

Sounds like magic, but you will nee to stir up some trouble. This ribbon requires you to escape from prison, repeatedly. Do what you need to do to get thrown in prison and then make your escape. during your life repeat this process as many times as you can to maximise your chances for getting this.

Similar to Houdini above, the jailbird ribbon requires you to get thrown in prison, and to do it more than once. But not escape too many times. You do want to escape and end up back in prison 4 or 5 times but then its best to remain there until you die.

High Roller
If you like a flutter then this ribbon is on the cards. To get this you need to make some big bets and try to accumulate over a million in winnings. First though you need to make money to use for the bets. Once you have some cash you can either head to either the racetrack or the casino depending on where you want to try your luck. Blackjack at the casino would give you more chance of using skill to win. If you reach the target of winnings its best to then stop and not go to far as you may end up getting the rich ribbon instead.

Here is a ribbon for the gamblers that don't get lucky. Hit the blackjack tables and bet at the racetrack until you get an addiction for each. Don't go to rehab. If you are offered any drugs in the game you can also take them up. As with others ribbons make sure you don't get rich doing this one.

Want to see the world. Live this virtual life as a wandering spirit and travel the globe to get this ribbon. Take the opportunities to emigrate when ever you can and take a lot of vacations. Remember though that you will need to make money to be able to do all of this.

A ribbon for doing all the wrong things. To maximize your chances of getting this one, make sure to drop out of school and don't read any books. When confronted by choices in any events try to pick what seems to be the worst choice.

Assassin or psychopath, you will need to commit at least two murders in your lifetime for this ribbon. Doing a Drive-By shooting can help you do this without you getting caught, but you will first need to get your driving license.

Are you still alive? You need to live to be over 100 to get this ribbon. To keep yourself alive make sure to go to the doctor when you have any illnesses, if your health gets low and you don't have an illness then you can head to the alternative doctor. Keep your happiness level up. Activities like the gym, going on vacations, acupuncture all help.

It takes three for this ribbon. First you need to get a partner in your life, one who has a high crazy stat. Head to the nightclub to find other who are willing to engage in a threesome with you both. Avoid any one night stands, and just focus on getting the threesomes to count towards this ribbon.

I'd like an argument please. Argue with as many people as possible in the life. You don't want to be violent, as you don't need to end up in prison for this ribbon. Just argue and insult.

Go on the lam and don't get caught. To get this ribbon, first commit a crime and get sent to prison. You then need to successfully escape from jail. After that, to avoid capture you will need to get plastic surgery / have a sex change, then emigrate to a new country and avoid getting caught again.

Become a star, if only for one life. Find yourself a job in the entertainment industry as an actor perhaps or find a different path to stardom. Gaining a big following on social media is also possible to achieve.

Not famous or rich but here, just a successful life. This ribbon is looking for you to get married, have some kids, and get a decent job. Again remember not to make too much money.

This one can be very tricky to achieve as you will need to steal but without getting caught. You will need to steal many times and trust to some luck that you don't get caught or if you do then you will need to be able to hire an expensive lawyer to try to keep you out of jail.

Family Guy
Self explanatory but not necessarily easy. Get married and have a couple of kids. Do your best to keep the happiness bars of your family members as high as possible throughout your life and hopefully this ribbon will pop up for you.

You don't need a job if you've got family. Whenever you can ask all of your family members for as much cash as possible. If you have a partner or are married you can ask them as well. the more money you beg or borrow the better the chance of getting this ribbon.

Cat Lady
Clue is in the name here. You need to be female and you need to be adopting as many cats as you can in your life. Make sure to take care of them by spending time with them and all the other options. If you take the paid option in the game you will find it easier to get more cats as you can adopt from the Cat Breeder. Don't worry about other activities in the game as long as the cats are happy.

Loaded is another money related ribbon and requires you to earn over 10 million. Options to do this include studying and working hard in school get a scholarship and try to become a doctor, marry a rich person, gamble to gain money, get an inheritance from your parents, or attempt to win the lottery. Being a doctor can be the easiest job to get rich at but you can also try being a famous actor as above.

Sometimes your character will just die early in life, not for any reason, just bad luck. If that happens, you will obtain the unlucky ribbon. You cannot plan for this.

Finally a ribbon for the average Joe. If you don't manage to achieve any of the other ribbons in the game as your life didn't head in the direction you wanted then you may end up getting this one. Chances are you will get this one sooner or later.

--- Hidden Ribbons ---

Model Bitizen
Possibly a step up from Mediocre, but not quite Successful. Make sure to do the right thing in any event that comes up. Don't drink or do drugs, and maintain a good relationship with every family member.

To obtain the teammate ribbon, you'll need to become an app developer with BitLife as a job. The path to doing this involves starting your character in the United States, in Miami. Study hard in school and remember to head to the library. When you get to go to college, select Computer Science as your major, and once you graduate you should be able to take up a job as an app developer.

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