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BitLife Twillight Challenge

BitLife Twillight Challenge
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Here's everything you need to know to complete the BitLife Twilight Challenge.

To summarize, here are the key points:

Start your life as a Female in Phoenix, USA
Join the Goths clique
Get married to the first boy you date before you reach the age of 20.
Name your first daughter Renesmee

And here's how you can get all of that done:

How to start your life as a Female in Phoenix, USA

Simply use the custom tools at the beginning of a new BitLife to choose your gender and you location.
Be Born a Female in Phoenix, USA
Be Born a Female in Phoenix, USA

How to join the Goths Clique

You'll find cliques listed under the school activities tab in your school menu, and select the option to start hanging out with the Goths. There are a couple of pre-requisites to joining the Goths and that is a low happiness and high looks. So to get your happiness down you can try to join things that you will fail at if you are too happy such as joining the Mean Girls clique. You can use the salon to try to increase your looks if they are too low.
Hang Out with the Goths before trying to join the Goths Clique
Hang Out with the Goths before trying to join the Goths Clique

If you are having trouble trying to join the Goths, then paying a compliment to their leader may help.
Compliment the Goth Leader
Compliment the Goth Leader

How to Get Married

So hook up with your first boyfriend and keep that relationship worked on until you can get married, you'll need to put some work into this because you have to get it done before you turn 20.

How to have a daughter named Renesmee

This part is super easy, just name your daughter Renesmee when she is born.

Finish these tasks in the game to complete the BitLife Twillight Challenge.

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