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How to be a Model

How to be a Model
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There are several ranks of model position available to you in BitLife with the top level being a run way model or supermodel. There will be various ways to reach these positions due to the random nature of some of the choices and opportunities presented to you in each life but the rundown below will give you the best chance to get there.

Starting out
The first step to pay attention to when you get started on your life is to start as a female character. At the beginning you have the options to change character name, gender, country, and the city. Tap the gender option and start as female.

Once the character is created they will be given random stats for happiness, health, smarts, and looks. Ideally you want all of these stats to be high, preferably over 90%, although it is ok if the smart start is lower. It is still useful though to have it be above average. And you should try to improve it while at school.

If your initial character roll is low on any of the other 3 starts then you will be better off starting a new life to give yourself the best chance.

Your Youth and Education
During the school and high school phase of the game it will be important to study hard and go to the library to maintain your smarts but also make sure that you participate in all available activities to be social and keep up the happiness and health including options like meditating, interact with parents, have a conversation, give compliments, spend time. This is to make sure that you graduate school with the best possible stats you can .

Further Studying
Further Education is not important although if your stats are not very high be this point then you can try continuing with a dance or arts based course to see if they improve.

Get yourself a job
If your health, happiness and looks stats are all high at this point you can start looking for jobs. The initial position that you will want to look for is Foot Model as this will get you started on the model career path, however it may not appear for you for several years, or you may not be immediately accepted into this position. In the mean time you can take on other jobs that will let you maintain your stats. Suitable positions could be, dancer, exotic dancer, actor, voice over actor. Experience in these roles will give you a better chance of being accepted as a model later.

When looking for jobs remember that you can close and reopen the app to switch up what is available to choose from if you don't find anything suitable. In this case (to be a model) this is better than spending too many years in other roles as although you will benefit from the experience you must be accepted to the model position while you are still young.

From here it is a case of working hard in the foot model position for the same agency and work towards promotions. With the right effort and luck you will move from Foot model to hand model, then catalog model, Lingerie model and finally runway model.

We hope this helps you to reach the top with your modelling career. If you have any questions about this walkthrough or for the game in general please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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