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Greatest Continents Event Guide

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The Greatest Continents event will begin in you state (continent) after a few weeks and will let you earn rewards by competing with another state through a series of daily challenges.

Each individual event lasts for 7 days with daily and a final weekly reward given out to all residents of the winning state if they have contributed. Over time your state will be matched with other states in leagues.

Daily Schedule

The schedule of daily challenges that will occur each week is as follows:

Day 1 - Monday

Building Upgrade

Gain points from increasing your building power + Consume Natural Essence + Purchase Rubies

Day 2 - Tuesday

Resource Gathering

Gain points from gathering in the world map.

You can also get points for Woolly Rhino parts and upgrades.

Day 3 - Wednesday

Research Conduction

Gain points from increasing your research power + Consume Ancient Scrolls + Purchase Rubies

Hint: Points are awarded for research power when the research item finishes, points are awarded for consuming ancient scrolls when you start a research item that needs them.

Day 4 - Thursday

Hero Growth

Gain points from recruiting and upgrading heroes

Day 5 - Friday

Warrior Training

Train troops to earn points - more points for higher tier troops.

Points for Enhancing troops - more points for higher tier troops.

Points for promoting troops

Point for Consuming Natural Essence

Day 6 - Saturday

Free Choice

On this day you can choose one of the above challenges to earn points.

Day 7 - Sunday

Barbarian Fastness Intruder.

Gain points for doing damage when attacking the Barbarian Fastness cave's in the world. You can attack solo or as part of a rally. Rewards include lots of Beast Feed.

Also gain points for Beast related activities: Hatch Beats, release beasts, , collect or use beast feed, Use beast clues, Star up beasts.

And purchase rubies

Research Help

Along with the event you will also find 2 new research trees in the Foreteller's Dome. These will let you complete research that will help you perform better and earn more points in the Greatest Continents event.

Region Development

These bonuses will unlock extra rewards and increase your points scoring

Region Battle

These bonuses will make you stronger and more effective in the cross state battles.

Completing both sets of research is important and will help you in the event, but the Region development tree will give you the most benefits and is important to work through as soon as you can. They will both cost you Ancient Scrolls so make sure to work on gaining as many of these as possible.

Greatest Continents Hints and Tips

As mentioned the main priority will be to complete the Region Development research as this will help with many of the challenges and make sure that you can get the most rewards from the event.

Pay attention to the schedule and try to focus on the daily challenge. If possible save up or time activities such as large upgrades / research to complete in the right day. Saving Hero upgrades for Thursday will help there for example.

Check in the Village buffs for Greatest Continents Points Bonus items. If you have them these can give you a temporary 50% or 100% points boost so use them at the right time to maximize your points. You can earn them from the vent rewards themselves or also purchase them.

It is also work checking the daily Infinite Challenge schedule to try to match up your timing of activities to get points for both the infinite challenge and the greatest continents at the same time.

If you hav eany question for this event or other please check the Answers Page to ask there.

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