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How to get Support in Primitive Era

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How to get Support in Primitive Era

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Primitive Era is a large game with lots of events and progress to make and many of the activities can take a lot to learn. Being a new game it may also have glitches and bugs to work through so you may find yourself needing to contact support for help. Listed below are the best ways to get help and answers.

In Game Help

There is an in game support option found in the settings menu. To get to this tap the '+' More icon on the bottom menu and then on the Settings option. Choose the 'Support option and you can then send a message, or also link directly to the developers social media channels.

Other contact options

The game developers also have a facebook page at
And discord at:

Ask a friend

If you are part of a Clan (and you need to be) the quickest way to get answers is probably to ask in the Clan chat feed. There are helpful folks playing and many will have had the same problems you may be encountering.

Ask a question here

We have a lot of questions and answers here for this game so you may find what you are looking for in the Answers Page. Or you can ask your own question for other visitors to help you with.

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