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Trial Valley is a building that gives access to an event in Primitive Era, it can be built once your Chief's Hall reaches level 10. Once you build it you can then enter the Valley or Trials and take on daily challenges to earn Valor medals to spend in the shop.


Each day of the week their is a separate trial to attempt. The trials that you can access are:
Monday - Forest Echo | Natural Goddess Statue Accessories
Tuesdays - Continental Voyage | Woolly Rhino Statue Power
Wednesday - Foreteller's Trial | Research Power
Thursday - Heroic Hymn | Hero Power
Friday - Boreal Territory | Woolly Mammoth Statue Power
Saturday - Lava Basin | Smilodon Statue Power
Sunday - Scimitar Cat | Beast Power

The trials will involve fighting an beast enemy starting at level 1 and rising to level 100. With each level you pass you will earn medals. After the days event has ended you will also be able to collect medals from the trial based on the highest level you have reached. You have until the next week to collect them.

Each trial focuses on 1 aspect of your strength. For example in the Hero trial you can assign your best heroes and your performance will depend only on the strength of the heroes, no other stats are counted.

Trial Valley


Collecting the Valor Medals will then let you buy useful items in the Trial Valley shop. This has a range of items, including Herbage and Emerald Ore to use on the Woolly Rhino. These are available every day.

There are also '1st Completion' items that you can purchase at a special price but these are only available once. And you will need to make progress through the levels to unlock many of them.

Check into the Trial Valley each day to see what rewards you can collect and spend them wisely in the shop.

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