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Review by GuestJan 25th 2023
I love this game! But HACKERS!
My village is (ZFG)Chieftess Roux in Region #40
Every morning I get on the game and more things are completely stolen. This morning charcoal. Yesterday gold and even better this hacker has done something to my mines. I don't get gold anymore. I have all four mines at 100% efficiency. Yey I have 2. K gold. I cannot use support. The food was zeroed out the day before that. I was reading the Region messages for region #40. They were hunting my Elite's Queue down. Trying to hack me. They discussed it. Then I was hacked. I believe that was day three of game play for me. Because I actually play the game and up everything. I work on my village. They don't they steal and do everything to ruin the game. To attack my Queues they took all my food to keep them weak and not able to fight. I cannot join rallys until the end. I cannot build, no gold coins. I cannot research, no speed ups. Because they stole all my speed ups one night.
I've been playing less than a week! This is not right! Please do something about these hackers! They have messed with most parts of my game. I cannot bind my account because I'm hacked. Transport for food the amount is down to 1/3rd. I cannot feed the villagers.

Please get rid of these hackers! Please fix the damage done to my village. Please, either remove the hackers completely from this game or move my village into a new clan in a new region. Thank you. Absolutely love the game otherwise. Today I debated uninstalling this game and having to start all over. Hoping I don't get hacked again. But these guys run in teams in Region #40
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Review by GuestJan 22nd 2023
I like it except some tasks could be made a little easier
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Review by GuestNov 3rd 2022
Fun so far, no money spent yet and power already 1.5m
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Review by GuestNov 1st 2022
I love it but I pay double for the packs and others don't. For example a .99c pack costs me $1.69 a $4.99 pack cost me $8.99 and a $19.99 one cost me almost $35.00 that's not cool and I can't change it and I bet I won't be reimbursed. That's the only issue.
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Review by RaynoorOct 9th 2022
It's good. Pretty much the same gameplay as every other pvp game, just with different characters and such.
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Review by GuestSep 24th 2022
Well I loved the game till after last update. I can no longer pm anyone or talk in clan or World chats
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Review by muhiliusSep 4th 2022
The game it's nice, it has appealing grafics and good mechanics
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Review by GuestSep 4th 2022
Great game needs more info for newbie players like myself hints why I'm here

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Review by GuestAug 22nd 2022
Interesting but kind of slowing down it's basically a game of wait until crops grow then use resources to do stuff but that's like back and forth type of boring I only have access all free stuff and that's why I'm looking for a cheat engine
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