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Woolly Mammoth Statue

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After building the the Altar of the Sun the second Animal Status that you can unlock after the Woolly Rhino is the Woolly Mammoth Statue. To get this you will need to upgrade the Altar of the Sun to level 3 and your Chief's hall will need to reach level 13.

Woolly Mammoth Statue

When you first activate the statue you will receive a set of 3 parts for it. These are 2 star parts and are added to the statue to give you buffs to the ATK, DEF or HP of your troops.
Overall there are 12 Ice Block parts to add to the statue
There are 4 sections: Mammoth Feet, Tail, Nose and Eyes
Each section has 3 blocks:
Glacier Ice: Cavalry Attack, Infantry Defense, Archer HP
Berg Ice: Infantry Attack, Archer Defense, Cavalry HP
Abyss Ice: Archer Attack, Cavalry Defense, Infantry HP

Improving the Parts

Each of the parts can be improved to increase the buffs given. For each Part, the level limit is Lv.25, and the star limit are 10 stars. You can also Evolve the statue to give buffs to the Warrior damage and battle speed.

Woolly Mammoth Statue

Enhance Parts
Select any part in the Worship option of the Woolly Mammoth and tap on Enhance. Enhancing will raise the level of the part up to Level 25 but with level caps depending on the star level. To enhance you need to use Frost offerings or spare ice blocks and also spend some other resources. Enhancing will raise the EXP of the part and then increase the levels as you reach certain Exp points.
The Frost Offerings and parts can be obtained from the Astralfall Vein shop, some event rewards and by purchasing packs.

Star up Parts
As well as Enhancing you can also Star-Up the parts. As well as increasing the buffs this is needed to increase the level cap for enhancing. This requires Aquamarine as well as gold, pelt and water. There are 2 types of Aquamarine, for star levels 1-4, you only need Aquamarine Ore. For 6-10 Star Parts you need to use both Aquamarine Ore and Flawless Aquamarine.
Aquamarine also come from the Astralfall Vein Shop, certain event rewards and Packs.

Mammoth Evolution
The evolution level of the status is shown on the top right. It starts at Level 0 and can be raised to level 6.
Evolution will raise Warrior Damage and Battle Speed stats. To evolve you need the Natural Essence resource, and there are also requirements to be met for each level.
Natural Essence can be gained from purchasing packs.

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