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How to use Beasts in Primitive Era

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How to use Beasts in Primitive Era

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Starting from the moment you reach Chief's Hall level 16 in Primitive Era you can start hatching and developing Beasts. Beasts are another feature that adds further buffs to your march queues and other areas of the game. Check below for the full details and the best way to use beasts in Primitive Era.

How to use Beasts in Primitive Era

How to get Beasts

Beasts are specialized animals that you gain by hatching them from Beast eggs. The eggs are found at random when you attack the NPC creatures in the world map. Once you reach level 16 you will be able ot build the Divine Incubator structure (you can build more than 1) where you can place the eggs to hatch. Hatching each one will take time and resources, including a new one called Beast Feed. You will need to also build the accompanying Fodder Land structures to help you produce the beast feed. Add gold to your Fodder land to make the feed and then use this to hatch the eggs.

Beast Types

When the beast hatches it can be of different types and Quality. Like Heroes you can get beasts in rarity levels, Blue, Purple or Orange for the highest. The chances of getting Orange heroes is low so it may take many attempts at hatching to get them.

Again as with heroes there are some Growth Beasts that can help with your development, these are stationed in the Beast Pen to provide buffs. The majority of beasts though are Battle beasts and can be added to your march queues to give buffs to the troops. Each march can have only 1 beast so you will be able to pick the best ones.

Improving the beasts

Beasts can be improved by 'Staring up'. Raising the star level will unlock new effects and increase the level of existing effects. You can view your beasts at any time in the Beast Pen and see their current stats and what can be unlocked. Each beast has 11 star levels.

How to use Beasts in Primitive Era

To evolve, or Star-Up, a beast you need to make an offering of another beast of the same color quality. The offering should be of the same star level or lower, but using a beast of a lower quality will reduce the chances of the evolution succeeding. If the star up attempt fails then the main beast will remain unchanged and the offering beast will lose a star (1 star offerings will disappear). Evolving beasts will also cost some Feast Feed.

Unfortunately you cannot increase a beasts quality. This means that a blue beast will always be a blue beast.

Release and exchange Beasts

As well as using spare beasts to Star-Up your active beasts you can also release them. This is done in the beast pen. Tap on any available beast (not deployed) and then on the book icon top right. At the bottom of the story screen for the beast are options to release them.

Releasing the beasts will let you obtain 'Beast Clues'. These items (once you have enough) can then be used to select specific beasts from the 'Exchange' tab in the Beast Pen. This is a slow but certain way to gain the higher quality beasts so make sure to release any beasts you don't need and save up the clues.

How to use Beasts in Primitive Era

If you have any questions about hatching or using beasts in Primitive Era go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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