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The Battle Heroes in Primitive Era are very important for your strength in attacking and defending. For all battles against wild creatures or other players the skills of the heroes leading your troops will greatly affect how well you can fight and how many troops you can send out at once.

The heroes come in 4 qualities from Legendary (orange), Epic (purple), Elite (blue) and Common (green).

The green and blue heroes will have very little use for you unless you can unlock all of the march hero slots (max 12) before you can manage to recruit enough higher tier heroes.

Listed below are the current Top tier Battle heroes in the game, although it is expected that in the near future more heroes will be added. When they do it is likely that they will be slightly better but more specialized.

Legendary (orange) heroes

These are the top tier heroes to concentrate on. They will take time to obtain and also to unlock and max all of their skills.

Listed are their in game designations of use and also a suggested placement for them related to the skills that they can use. This is based on the range of use for their special skills 2, 5, and 8. See the skills guide below for more information.

Name Specialty Troop Type Suggested Position / Use
Growler: Kunpan Assist Universal Back Row - Attack
Sawtooth Balde: Nitya Ranged Universal Back row - Attack
White Lion: Muren Melee Universal Front / Mid - Attack
Bestial Huntress: Elroi Ranged Blitz Mid / Back row - Attack / Support
Weighty Totem: Parkash Assist Universal Front / Mid - Attack
Executioner: Khattab Ranged Universal Back row - Attack
Jadeite Hammer: Babak Assist Universal Front Row - Attack
Alpha Wolf: Aujune Melee Universal Front Row - Attack
Inspiring Warcry: Ahana Ranged Universal Front / Mid - Attack
Winters Thorn: Deshawn Ranged Infantry Back Row - Attack
Tusk Shield: Jotunn Melee Infantry Front / Mid - Attack
Siren Killer: Jukache Ranged Cavalry Mid Row - Attack
Snowy Claw: Kloze Ranged Cavalry Back row - Attack / Support
Tide Caller: Naia Assist Archer Front Row - Assist
Daughter of Ocean: Thoosa Ranged Archer Back Row - Attack
These heroes were added in an Update March 2023
Fists of Vengeance: Baden Ranged Infantry Back Row - Attack
Cap'n Deepsea: Dee Assist Infantry Front Row - Attack / Support
Eagle Hunter: Talon Ranged Infantry Back Row - Attack
Winters Thorn: Deshawn Ranged Infantry Back Row - Support / Attack
War Drummer: Dame Melee Infantry Front Row - Attack / Support
Tusk Shield: Jotunn Melee Infantry Front Row - Attack / Support
Snowy Claw: Kloze Ranged Cavalry Back Row - Attack / Support
Contemplative: Cheeyanah Assist Cavalry Back Row - Support / Attack
Antler of Majesty: Lucita Ranged Cavalry Back Row - Attack
Brew Master: Ramdha Assist Cavalry Front Row - Attack / Support
Tide Caller: Naia Assist Archer Front Row - Support / Attack
Deadly Dancer: Yeseni Ranged Archer Back Row - Attack
Melody of Nature: Sheely Melee Archer Front Row - Attack

Troop Types

Most of the initial heroes are Universal (or Blitz) troop types. These will have skills that take effect no matter what troops they are leading.

The other heroes have some specialized skills, this means that a few skills will only take effect if they are leading the specified troops (infantry, cavalry or archers). These skill tend to be stronger but will only work in the right line-up.

Skills Guide

For Legendary Battle heroes there are 3 skills that will affect the positioning. Skills 2, 5 and 8 will have a 'Range' which will determine how far away that can attack when in formation.

A attack range of 1 means that they can only affect the enemy immediately in front of them. They then need to be in the front row of your formation to hit the enemies front row. An attack range of 5 means that they can be in your back row and still affect all the enemies rows.

Some skills are also Friendly / Support skills. These will buff your own troops and will either affect only the heroes own row of troops or 1 or more other squads in your total formation.

Awakening Battle Heroes

All of the skills are useful to the strength of your formations, but of particular interest is Skill 6, Awakening. This skill will add ATK and DEF bonuses and greatly increase the number of troops you can send in the heroes squad. You will need a duplicate hero Bracelet for the same hero to unlock this.

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