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As well as the recruitment options for Heroes in Primitive Era there is another way to get your hands on the various many Battle and Growth heroes in the game. This is by collecting Frags, or fragments of a hero and combining them.

The fragments are credit towards a specific hero that when you collect enough will let you trade them in for a hero to add to your collection. Or if you already have the hero then you can gain a hero bracelet that can then be used to unlock a skill for the hero or traded in for Ritual Dew to upgrade the skills.

How to get Frags

The fragments can be obtained one at a time from Infinite Challenge event rewards (2nd tier rewards) and potentially other reward drops. This is a slow way to get them but doesn't cost you anything extra to do so.

You can also buy fragments from the Cowry Shop, this is found in the Heroes Lodge (where you also recruit heroes). To purchase the fragments you need to collect Cowry shells which can be earned from the third tier reward of the Infinite Challenge events and ma y also appear as rewards in other events.

The bad news is that you will need to collect a lot of fragments for each Hero. 100 for a blue hero and up to 200 for the main Orange heroes. Each fragment that you get will be for a specific hero, so you are not able to choose to apply them to a hero that you want. You may end up mainly collecting fragments of heroes you already have.

If you are able to use the cowry shells on buying hero fragments is is advisable to save them and only purchase Legendary (orange) hero frags. The other heroes will be much easier to obtain via recruitment and will not require as many bracelets (duplicates) to get their skills.

How to use the Fragments

To see how many fragments you have collected so far and to for which heroes, use the Hero menu button on the bottom of the screen. Then select the Frags tab.

When you have enough for any hero you will be able to tap on it and select the 'Compose' button to combine the fragments and give you the hero.

The high level of fragments needed for any hero means that this is still a slow path to hero ownership. But as you can do most of this through playing the game and completing the events which you should be trying to do anyway, over time you will be able to gain heroes in this way.

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