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How to mine Obsidian in the Astralfall Vein

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How to mine Obsidian in the Astralfall Vein

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The Astralfall Vein is another opportunity to collect Obsidian, a special resource in Primitive Era, that you can exchange for statue parts and other rewards. It is a very useful resource if you can maximize the time you spend collecting it.

To begin mining for Obsidian you will first need to level up your Head Quarters Building to Level 13 and unlock and clear the territory forest sections to expand your village land. As you do so you will discover the Astralfall Vein structure. Once found you can relocate it to anywhere in your village. I recommend placing it somewhere where you will see it easily so you remember to use it.

How to mine Obsidian in the Astralfall Vein


When you mine in the Astrallfall Vein you will acquire Obsidian. The only use for this is to exchange in the Astrallfall Vein Shop that is found in the Vein menu. You can exchange it for various resources but the main use id to gain Frost Offering and other items to enhance and upgrade the Woolly Mammoth parts.

Sending to Mine in the Astralfall Vein

When you access the vein there are 8 layers to select from, however you will need to challenge and defeat a Level guardian creature to gain access to it. Each higher layer will have a tougher creature to fight and you will need to upgrade your strength to access it. The higher the layer you enter the higher the gathering rate will increases and the more obsidian you can collect over time.

Mining is a case of selecting your best hero and troops line up and sending them in. Thankfully, sending your team to the mine does not stop you from still using the same heroes and troops in the rest of the game. So you can gain from the Obsidian and still attack enemies or gather in the world for example.

You will be able to create a line up using up to 3 heroes, a beast and troops based on your current unlocked levels. The 3 hero slots in the mining party are unlocked by completing the research item called Warfare Chief II, which is found in each of the 4 march Queue research trees.
Hero slot 1 from researching Elite Queue - Warfare Chief II
Hero slot 2 from researching March Queue I - Warfare Chief II
Hero slot 3 from researching March Queue II - Warfare Chief II

Once you enter a Layer of the Vein you then select a mine section to occupy, you can navigate the layer to find an empty slot, or use the Auto function to find one for you. You also have the option to Plunder another player which is a good option if you have a strong force.

Once you mining party is placed they will remain there to gather until the time runs out, or until you are attacked.

Plunder In the Astralfall Vein

Plundering is a way to occupy a mining slot and also gain extra obsidian while doing so. Any currently occupied min can be plundered, these are shown with the red symbols. You can view the occupied mines to see who is there and choose if you want to attack them.

The First Layer of the Vein (Layer 1) is a protected layer. There is no plundering.

How to mine Obsidian in the Astralfall Vein

You are limited to 5 successful plunders a day, If you lose the fight you will use up a 'Rest' Chance. There are also only 5 of these but they will regenerate over time so you can try again. If you win the fight then you will immediately gain 20% of the previous occupiers current mined load. For this reason its best to choose to attack someone who has been there for a while. You will also then occupy the mine yourself. You cannot immediately recall and plunder again, you will need to wait.

As anyone can attack you while mining it is always best to send your strongest heroes and troops. If you are defeated you do not lose any of your gained obsidian but your troops will return home and you will not more anymore until you send them out again. You will also get mail messages in your battle reports to let you know who attacked you.

Plundering is the best way to maximize your obsidian, but you can also make some enemies as you do so.

AstralFall Vein Hints and Tips

If you are going to mine then it is tempting to go for the highest level you can to boost the gather speed. But the higher the level the more competition there may be for the spots and the more you are likely to be attacked. If you are not the strongest player then it can be more beneficial, especially if you are going to be offline for some time. To send to a lower level field to gather where you are likely to be safer.

When plundering remember to check the available targets to find one that has already accumulated a high number of obsidian. This will give you the best return. If you want to avoid trouble you might also want to check that the target is not someone from your own state in a friendly alliance.

If you have any more tips for the Astralfall Vein please let us know below. And if you have any question please head to the Answers Page.

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