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In Primitive Era your ability to attack enemy monsters and other players as well as gather resources in the world will depend on your March Queues. Each March Queue, or Army, that you have can be sent out to attack or gather but their actions are not unlimited.

Each Queue has an individual amount of Stamina that will get used up when they are sent out. You can see their current stamina listed in the March Queue screen next to a small meat (food) icon above each queue. The maximum that a march can have at any time is 100.

March Queue Stamina Guide

Every time you march to attack or gather it costs a certain amount of stamina so the number will go down. If the cost of a march is more than the stamina you have left it will not let you do it. Think of it as energy needed by the troops and that they need to rest to recover.

Most attacks and gathering will cost you 10 stamina for the trip. Some special attacks costs 20 (Barbarians, Giant Otters etc.)

Stamina Recovery

The stamina recharges over time, but if you are attacking enemies then you will use it up far faster than it regenerates. To let it regenerate you just have to wait a while to let it increase again. There is research you can do in the individual Queue research stems that improve the speed of the recharge, but there will still be a wait for it to go up before you can use that Legion again.

How long does it take?

To regenerate your stamina for a Queue the default times are as below:

1 stamina: 8min

Full Recovery: 13h 20min

Completing the research for Rapid Recovery (found under each of the research sets for the individual queues) will speed it up. If you complete 5 of 5 researches then the recovery time will drop to:

1 stamina: 5min 12s

Full Recovery: 8h 40min

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