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The Growth Heroes in Primitive Era are ones with skills that will boost your production, gathering and training skills to give you the best development advantages and speed your progress through the game.

As with Battle heroes there are different rarity heroes from Blue through to Orange (legendary). The legendary heroes will have more skills to unlock and give higher bonuses but they are limited in number and abilities. They will also be much harder to make full use of due to the low chances of recruiting them and getting the duplicate bracelets that you need to unlock all skills.

Growth Heroes

How to use Growth Heroes

Once recruited through the Heroes Lodge or from events and purchases you will then need to commission then and unlock their skills. Commissioning is done in the Home of Heroes building and you will need to upgrade the building to increase the number of heroes that you can commission at once. A Growth heroes skills and effects will only activate if they are commissioned.

As with the battle heroes you will then need to level up the hero and use Ritual Dew, Bracelets and gold to unlock and upgrade the skills to give the bonuses.

Growth Hero List

Below if the list of available growth heroes. As mentioned the Legendary heroes will offer the best benefits overall but will be much harder to obtain and to unlock all skills so make sure to make the best use of the lower tier heroes as well.

Legendary Heroes

Name Type Role Benefits
Thicket Archer: Vanita Military Archer Improves the speed and capacity of training Archers
Commanding Chief: Gungir Military Infantry Improves the speed and capacity of training Infantry
Glade Phantom: Rama Support Heal Improves speed and capacity for healing
Building Expert: Gruhan Support Build Improves build speed and costs + Defense Buff
Whisperer: Jirielle Military Cavalry Improves the speed and capacity of training Cavalry
Gold Miner: Karlal Production Gold Improves the output of gold production

Epic Heroes (Purple)

Name Type Role Benefits
Travelling Merchant: Wanda Support Trade Improve Travelling Merchant costs and frequency + resource bonuses
Woodchopper: Lech Production Wood Improve Wood production + Instant wood skill
Furrier: Zawisza Production Pelt Improve Pelt production + Instant wood skill
Lady of Harvest: Bozena Production Food Improve Food production + Instant wood skill
Explorer: Simin Production Stone Improve Stone production + Instant wood skill

Elite Heroes (blue)

Name Type Role Benefits
Artisan: Cora Support Build Improve build speed and reduce costs
Herbalist: Xenia Support Heal Improve heal speed + capaccity, reduce costs
Exile: Morton Support Trade Resource bonuses when Travelling merchant arrives
Fortune Seeker: Guy Production Gold Improve Gold output + instant gold skill
Cook: Vito Production Food Improve Food output + instant Food skill
Wrestler: Osborn Military Infantry Improve Infantry training speed and capacity + instant troops skill
Snowhide: Fay Military Archer Improve Archer training speed and capacity + instant troops skill
Tamer: Enid Military Cavalry Improve Cavalry training speed and capacity + instant troops skill

Common Heroes (green)

Name Type Role Benefits
Fisherman: Arvin Production Food Improves Food output
Villageman: Earl Production Gold Improves Gold output
Hulky: Bard Production Stone Improve Stone output
Hornblower: Gale Support Trade Recieves gold when the travelling merchant arrives
Signorina: Moira Support Heal Increase heal speed
Water Carrier: Heady Universal Minor improvements to wood gathering and water production + Wild creature attacks
Peasant: Ogden Universal Minor improvements to food gathering and wood production + Wild creature attacks

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