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What Are The Customs And How To Change

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The Customs in Primitive Era are actually the classes that you can play as. The game allows you to choose from 3 different classes that give you a range of perks and benefits to affect the way you progress. Each will help you but also come with some downsides that you should be aware of when selecting one.

When can you select a Custom

You will first be able to select a custom (class) when you reaching Chief's Hall level 7. You will be prompted to pick a custom and need to select one. After this you can change your class at anytime for a cost, however the game gives you a chance to change class for free every 3 days. You cannot stack these opportunities though. This means that every 3 days you can try out the benefits of a different class.

What Are The Customs And How To Change

Class Buildings

Each of the classes get a specific building providing some benefits as soon as you select a custom you will be able to build it and also the Elite's Territory march queue building that gives you a class specific army to send out. If you change class any exiting custom buildings will remain but their effects will no longer apply (unless you change back).

How to change class

When you have the opportunity to change you can tap on the Chief's Hall building and select the Custom option to review your choice and Change it if you want to.

The Customs

The three classes are Farmer, Plunderer and Trader. The class details will be shown to you with perks and benefits but the general outlines are below.


Class Building: Crops Garden

This class allows you to use a Harvest perk to get a large amount of resources in one go. There is a cool down timeout on it though, once every 12 hours. Upgrade the building to increase the amount of resources you get. As well as this your production rates of the main resources (not money) will improve.

Other Benefits: Harvesting from other resources in the world will be improved both in terms of speed and the amount you can carry each time. You will also received an increased protection on your stored resources so if you are raided by another player you won't lose everything.

Drawbacks: If you choose to attack other players as this class you will do less damage to them, take more damage from them (have more troops wounded) and in general your marching speed across the map will be slower.

This is a good class for players who want to build up a good base and stay out of trouble.


Class Building: Victory Cave

This will provide buffs to your class March formation to make it stronger.

Other Benefits: To further improve your chances when attacking other players you will be able to loot more resources from them and have less casualties from any fights, as well as being able to heal your wounded faster than normal. When you use the class march formation you will also be able to loot gold from victims.

Drawbacks: The problem with being a plunderer is that your own production and world harvesting of resources including gold will be reduced. So to keep up with your progression in the game will need to keep up the onslaught against others.

The plunderer class is based around the player who wants to fight other players. With the right amount of research and troop training you can become very powerful and dominate anyone of a lower rank. It will take longer to get there though and you can expect to make enemies.


Class Building: Grocery Bazaar

This building allows you to buy extra resources and help support the other players in your alliance by letting you send them your extra resources.

Other Benefits: Your gold production rate will be far higher than the other classes allowing you to progress faster on upgrades. The prices you get at the Travelling Merchant will also be better. Your troops will also need less food.

Drawbacks: This class is very bad for any kind of combat with other players, whilst you can still attack zombies normally, you will lose extra resources when attacked by other players and it will take additional time to heal up any wounded troops. You have no resource protection level like the farmer so you can easily find yourself with nothing if hit hard by enemies.

The trader is similar in many ways to the farmer however a focus on money and support. If you are a farmer who is always running out of money, or if you are a keen player and want to support your alliance with trade then this may be the class for you. It is possibly the fastest way to build and progress, just stay away from trouble and alliance wars or invest in peace shield bubbles.

If you have any questions about the customs in Primitive Era please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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