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Once you select your custom (class) in Primitive Era and once your state has been active for a few weeks and had the first Battle of Paradise Oasis event you will have access to a new feature of the game call the Region Missions. With the Missions you will earn points to level your custom and unlock new skills to help you. This is done in the Custom Inscription.

Region Missions

To access the missions you need to tap on your custom building, This is the Crops Garden for farmers, the Victory Cave for Plunderers and the Grocery Bazaar for Traders.

Select the Region mission options and you will see the list of available Missions.

Region Missions & Custom Inscription

Note that missions are only active to start from between 00:05 (just after reset) and 18:00 game time.

There are several missions available for each custom type but a limited number of places for each. If the missions for your class are filled then you will need to wait for one of the participants to finish before you can join.

There are also 3 special missions with no limit but you need to have purchased the Divine Candle benefit to access these.

Accepting a mission will have one of your marches travel to the central Paradise Oasis for the length of time specified. When it returns you will earn points that are used in the Custom Inscription.

Initially you will only be able to send to 1 mission a day, but once you reach the right level and active required skills you can then send more.

Custom Inscription

From the same building you can also access the Custom Inscription. Here you will see that the points you earn will raise your custom level and unlock rewards including skills.

Region Missions & Custom Inscription

These skill include production buffs for farmers and traders, and combat buffs for plunderers. There are also skills to improve your performance in the region missions themselves and let you earn move points.

The Custom Skills tab is where you need to activate the skills that you unlock. You cannot use all of the skills you get so you will need to select the ones that benefit you the most for your current needs.

Region Missions & Custom Inscription

Changing Custom

You can only perform missions for the current class that you have however if you choose to change custom you can then earn points for it. For each custom you will start from 0 but will keep all points that you earn so you can change custom and return to an original one and continue where you left off in the Custom Inscription Progress.

If you have any questions about how the Region missions or Custom inscription works please check the Answers Page to ask there.

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