Mechanical Cube: Escape

Room 16

Room 16
Mechanical Cube: Escape Guide

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Room 16 in Mech Cube Escape has been added to the game and is reached after completing Room 15. The room has now been updated to include a puzzle.

Room 16

The puzzle has 4 stages.

Access verification step 1

In the first stage you need to enter a password for verification.
Room 16

The clue given is ehud-snv-sgqdd-nmd
This is coded text.
Hint: The text is encoded with a Caesar cipher. Letters are shiftedShow
Solution: Shift letters forward to reveal wordsShow
Code: five - two - three - oneShow

Access verification step 2

In the second stage we need a new pass code, this time the keypad has symbols.
Room 16

The clue given is U - Al - Si - C
Hint: the letters are chemical symbols.Show
Solution: Letters represent - Uranium, Aluminium - Silicon - CarbonShow
Code: Symbols for radioactive (center bottom), Plane (top left), Chip (bottom right), Diamond (center). - 8195Show

Access verification step 3

This is a maths puzzle. Tap pairs of blue numbers to swap their positions. Follow the instructions to place them so that each row and column adds up to the numbers shown above and to the side.
Room 16

4 3 1
5 9 7
2 6 8
Room 16

Access verification step 4

We now have the same number grid but must rearrange the numbers back into their original positions using the arrow buttons to the left and top of the grid. Tap the buttons to move each row and column until the numbers are aligned as below.
Room 16

You can now complete this puzzle. The door to the left is now open, go through to find Room 17

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