Mechanical Cube: Escape

Room 04

Room 04
Mechanical Cube: Escape Guide

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From room 02 we have moved down to Room 04.

Collectible item: On the floor to the left next to the green pods, tap the case to collect it.

Room 04
Room 4 has a keypad puzzle with several stages. First we need to enter a code into the keypad to continue. The clue for the code is in the panel to the right with columns spaced out in groups.
The code is 1, 3, 2, 1

Room 04
Enter this code and the panel on the left will open to reveal a screwdriver. Tap this and drag it to the panel on the right to remove the screws and open it. Behind is a switch. Tap on the switch (only) and it will move the keypad to the right to reveal a new clue.

Room 04
This is a 5x5 grid with 3 numbers placed on it. From this wee need to find another 4 digit code to enter into the keypad.
Solution: We take the boxes in the grid as positions numbers from 1 to 25, 1-5 is the top row, 6-10 the second row etc. From this we see that the number 1 is in position 9. Number 2 is in position 2 and number 3 is in position 23
Code: 9223

This opens the center panel to find the exit button, but our access is denied. We need 1 final code to complete this.

Tap the panel on the left again to close the screwdriver section and find a final clue, with 4 symbols and numbers. This one is confusing, the symbols appear as V 1 4 Pi.
Room 04

Solution: If you cover the top section of the paper you will see it as a series of roman numerals V I I II
This gives us 5 1 1 2

Enter the code and we can now hit the padlock to unlock the exit and complete the room. The door that this opens takes us to Room 0.

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