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Room 13

Room 13
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Room 13 in Mech Cube Escape has been added to the game and is reached from Room 12.

Room 13

This room current has no puzzle but you will find it filled with the collectible items that you have found so far in the game.

Following the latest update there is now a new ending added to the game from this room. It activates once you have found all of the collectible items (15 items to find to date).

Once all of the items are here the door to the right will be open and you can pass through for the final ending. Immortality.

Note: If you have all the items and the door is not open then you may need to follow a reported method to open it. It has been reported that you need to tap on each of the collectibles in the order of the rooms that you find them in. See the list of all collectibles in Mech Cube Escape for help with this. For myself the door was open once I returned to the room after finding the last collectible.

If you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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