Mechanical Cube: Escape

Escape The Mysterious MechCube

Mechanical Cube: Escape Guide

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MechCube Escape is a mind bending puzzle game from OGUREC APPS that pits you against a mysterious cube portal that traps you in a series of rooms with not clear path to your escape. Will you manage to solve all of the puzzles and avoid the traps to let you survive this trial that manay have failed before you.

Escape The Mysterious MechCube

The huge matt black 'cube' monolith, made of an unknown metal offers only a single gateway on its surface and it allows you to enter as a volunteer to discover its secrets.

Inside the "Cube" is an endless set of rooms, corridors and compartments each with a puzzle to solve to let you move forward because there is no way back.

Follow our guide to help you solve each of the rooms and complete the endings. If you have any questions for the levels in the game please check out the Answers Page and ask your question.

Escape The Mysterious MechCube


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