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Room 10

Room 10
Mechanical Cube: Escape Guide

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Having completed Room 09 in Mech Cube Escape you are now in room 10. THe gsame has been updated recently and room 10 now has a puzzle.

Collectible item: On the lower wall is a recess with a robotic skeleton lying in it. Tap to collect an arm.

The puzzle board in this room has a triangular maths puzzle to start. each side of the triangle features 4 numbers which can be moved to swap their positions. In the center is the number 17. You need to rearrange the numbers to make each side add up to 17.


Once this is done the screen on the right will activate. We can now use the numbers as buttons to enter a 4 digit code.

To find the code look at the top right of the screen to see one of the lights flashing. Count the flashes in 4 groups to work out the code.
Code: 2321Show

You will now see a new clue with 4 shapes on a panel that drops down. This is the clue to the next 4 digit code that you need.
Hint: Look carefully at the shapes. They are symetrical
Solution: The shapes are mirrored down the center. Cover the right half of each and see what the left side resemblesShow
Code: 2618Show

The small panel on the left will now open and reveal a screwdriver. Drag this to the 2 screws on the right of the triangle. This releases a small cable.

Drag the cable to the left of the triangle to now attach the left top panel. On this panel you will see 3 roman numerals, II VI X.

Tap the buttons for 2, 6 and then as you cannot enter 10 now tap the X button in the top right.

You will be asked if you want to open the door. Tap yes to complete the puzzle.

The exit door to the room is open. Go through to experience another of the unfortunate endings for the game. Resistance is futile.

If you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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