Mechanical Cube: Escape

All Collectibles in Mech Cube Escape

All Collectibles in Mech Cube Escape
Mechanical Cube: Escape Guide

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There are 14 collectible items currently to be found in Mech Cube Escape. Although more rooms and possibly more collectibles are planned.

The current list of where to find them is below

Room 02 - Skeleton on the right

Room 04 - On the floor to the left of the green pods.

Room 05 - Gold plate on the wall

Room 06 - A weapon like item. On top of the boxes on the right.

Room 07 - walkie talkie by the boxes on the right.

Room 08 - An Unusual Artifact, next to the cylinder on the left

Room 10 - Robot arm in the lower recess.

Room 11 - Collectible item: A file of papers on top of the box to the right.

Room 15 - On the right on top of a box is a children's spinning top toy.

Hidden items:
Medic Kit - During the intro scenes when a survivor returns from the portal tap the medic on the left to collect his medic kit box.

Butterfly - When you find the ending back in time (Room 08), tap the eye icon in the bottom left to close the text message and then tap on the butterfly at the bottom of the screen.

Secret Code - In the main menu tap on the 'options' button and then select to view the 'Credits'. Check the build number in the bottom left and tap the buttons on the left of the display in the same order (tap the first button for 1, etc.). You will unlock a secret code. Note: Do not do this until after finding the first secret ending in Room 11.

Coffee Cup - I'm the king. When you complete the secret ending in room 11 after finding the item above you will find yourself in a control room with monitors. The item is the coffee mug on the table.

LeMarchands Box - This is found in Room 12. There is a set of bloody hand prints on the wall that is the clue.
If you have any trouble working this out then please see the explanation in the room 12 guide.

Magic 8 Ball - This is found in Room 17. See the poster on the wall for a clue and the room guide for the solution..

If you have any questions for this game please head to the answer page to ask there.

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