Mechanical Cube: Escape

Room 11

Room 11
Mechanical Cube: Escape Guide

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These puzzles drive me crazy is the message in room 11 of MechCube escape.
Room 11

Collectible item: A file of papers on top of the box to the right.

This puzzle has a 4x3 grid of squares with a small robot like device that will move to the square of your selection.
Room 11

The robot will only move to location 3,1 away from it self (3 squares in one direction and 1 in another). You can pick which square it goes to although sometimes there is only one choice.

Each time it moves it will remove the square that it ends up on. It cannot move to an empty square and the puzzle will fail if you run out of moves before all the squares are removed. Choose carefully so that you make the last move with one square left to remove all of them. If you run out of possible moves tap the retry button on the lower right.

This puzzle will take practice and a few attempts. Once you remove all the pieces the next section of the puzzle will appear.

Room 11
This section has a plate at the top that you can tap but will not open as there is a metal bar holding it in place. Tapping this does not let you remove it.

The solution to this is devious. You need to tap and drag the ? hint button on the top right and slide it to the left to knock and dislodge the bar. This will open the panel.

You will now see 5 buttons which will change colour as you tap them. There is a also a paper note with clues to the order of colours to set.
Room 11
Read the clues and work out which colours to change each button 2 they are all different colours.

Solution: Orange, Blue, Red, White, Purple

When these are set you will see the message NO POWER on the display below. Tapping the buttons again will make the meter on the left fill up but you must tap in the right order to make it work.

Notice in the no power sign that the N and E are flashing but the others are static. these letters are O P O W R
Tap the buttons in the order Orange, Purple, Orange, White, Red
Room 11

The power is now on and the padlock button can be tapped to complete this room. The door that opens takes us to Room 12.

There is also a secret exit. Tap the left wall to open a hidden door, you can go through this and discover another of the 6 possible endings. Another movie inspired deadly end. Try again, to return to the room and move on.

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