Mechanical Cube: Escape

Room 14

Room 14
Mechanical Cube: Escape Guide

Room 14 in Mech Cube Escape has been added to the game and is reached after completing Room 8.
Room 14

The puzzle has a 3x3 grid with 8 squares in it that can be moved to to the empty space by tapping on them
Room 14

To solve this you need to move the squares to the right positions. As you move them around the board notice that they will light up in certain places. When a square lights up it is int he correct position. You need to arrange all the pieces on the grid so that the 8 squares are all in their correct places and lit up.
Room 14

Once this is done you can to drag the center area (the 3x3 grid) to the left to find 1 more square piece underneath.
Room 14

Drag this to the empty space on the board to complete it. The board will now light up with 3 different colours.
Room 14

To solve this new puzzle you need to change the colours of the lights so that the top row is red *(to connect the red wires) the second row is green and the bottom row is blue.

Tapping any square will change its colour from red to green then green to blue and then blue back to red. However it will also change the colour of adjacent squares in the same sequence. This will take some patience. but can be done.

Once it is done the grid will once again change to a new layout. The squares will now have symbols and a password will be given. 6295.
Room 14

However to enter the password you need to tap the symbols and work out what symbols will represent 6295.

Entering 2 wrong codes will show you a new clue.
Room 14

Each of the symbols represents a number from 1-9. the board will give you some conbinations / equations to help you work out which symbol is which number.

3 blocks = 1
House = 2
Bird = 3
Bug = 4
Paw print = 5
Cog = 6
Leaf = 7
Cat = 8
Key = 9

Code: 6295 = Cog, House, Key, Paw printShow

You can now complete the puzzle and exit the room to the right into Room 15. If you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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