Mechanical Cube: Escape

Room 08

Room 08
Mechanical Cube: Escape Guide

Having descended from room 0 we are now in room 08 of the MechCube. Let's solve this puzzle to move on to the next rooms.

Room 08

Collectible item: On the left there are 2 cylinders and one item next to them that can be collected. It is 'An Unusual Artifact'.

Room 08

The puzzle board has a main keypad near the center and a panel to the right with 7 buttons that light up. Each button lights up with a different symbol and color. To begin the puzzle you must tap the button in the right sequence.

Solution: Tap the buttons in color order of the rainbow.
Red, orange, Yellow, Green, Blue (lower right), Indigo (top left), Violet

Room 08

This will activate the screen on the left and the keypad. You now need a code for the keypad.
Notice that the board has 4 sections with blue outlines around 3 and the other being the main keypad. The keypad itself has buttons with lines in between each.

Look at the first section on the left. it has lines across the top, down the left and across the bottom. Now check the keypad The button number 6 has the same lines around it.
The second section has lines only on the left and bottom. On the keypad the number 3 has the same.
The third section is the keypad and is surrounded by lines (a rectangular panel). This is the same as the 5 on the keypad.
Finally the fourth section has blue lines on the left, top and right. This points us to the number 8 on the keypad
Room 08

Code: 6358

Once the code is entered we see a number appear 1280. We cannot enter this into the keypad though as there is no zero.

Start sliding the keypad buttons up and down and you will see that 4 of them have letters underneath.
1 = O
3 = R
8 = E
9 = Z
Tap the numbers to spell out Zero => 9831

The panel will move and reveal a hidden zero button. You can now enter the code 1280 into the keys to reveal the padlock button and complete this room puzzle.
Room 08

Two doors are now open to you. The door on the left will take you to a second ending, that also doesn't end well, but you can return to the game.
Room 08

The door to the right takes you to Room 09.

If you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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