Mechanical Cube: Escape

Room 15

Room 15
Mechanical Cube: Escape Guide

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Room 15 in Mech Cube Escape has been added to the game and is reached after completing room 14.

This room has now been updated and a puzzle added.

Room 15

Collectible: On the right on top of a box is a children's spinning top toy. One that is able to spin endlessly. Are you trapped in a dream?

The first puzzle in this room is a grid of buttons 6x6. Each button can be tapped to turn it on and off.
Room 15

Above each column and to the right of each row are indicators of the patterns of on switches that each needs. When you get them right these indicators will light up.

Arrange the buttons until all the indicators are lit.
Solution: Room 15Show

Once done the switches will disappear and you will be left with a new puzzle.

Room 15

On these there are 6 coloured circles on a world map and 5 coloured lights. One circle is empty.
Tap each light to make it move to the empty spot (if it can slide there).

Re-arrange the lights so that they sit in the correctly coloured circle. The white one will be empty at the end.
Room 15

Once all the coloured lights / buttons are in the right places. you will have a lock symbol. You now need to tap the buttons in the right order.

Above the map are the names of continent represented on the Olympic flag. Tap the lights in the same order:
Flag Order: Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, GreenShow
Room 15

You can now pass into room 16.

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