Mechanical Cube: Escape

Room 05

Room 05
Mechanical Cube: Escape Guide

Room 05 in MechCube Escape is accessed through a secret passage from Room 03.

Room 05

Collectible Item: On the upper wall is a gold plate with diagrams

The puzzle board for room 5 has a number of circular switches with red lights and with sockets and cables between them. Scratched into the surface of the board are the words 'Skill Check Hell'
Room 05

Skill check hell is quite a good description for this puzzle as it takes skill or practice and can easily lead to frustration.

To start the puzzle, tap on the green plug button on the left, this will start the first red switch spinning. Tap the button again to stop it but you must make it line up with the socket on the right to complete this part of the circuit and move on to the next.

If you get it right the light will turn green. You then tap the plug button again and the second switch will stat spinning. You need to do this to activate all of the 9 switches in the sequence but if you get one wrong then they will all reset and you have to start again.
Room 05

Practice can help here, and patience. Some switches spin faster than others so get used to the timings. You do not have to stop the spinning switches immediately wait and tap the button when you are ready and confident you can time it well.

When you finally reach the end the circuit completes and you can unlock the exit door.
Room 05

The exit from room 5 will result in another of the 6 possible endings another fail, this time in the vacuum of space.

When you try again you can backtrack to try Room 04 or Room 06.

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