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Room 09

Room 09
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Moving on from Room 08 we are now in room 09 of the MechCube. Let's solve this puzzle to move on to the next rooms.
Room 09

Following recent update the puzzle in this room has been changed. There is now a grid of arrow buttons that you must press in the right order to complete it.

Room 09

Tapping a button will remove it from the screen and light up all remaining buttons in the direction of the arrow. If there are no buttons in that direction then turn ends and you will have to restart the puzzle if you have not cleared all buttons.

This puzzle is very hard to solve although there should be multiple possible solutions. The aim would be to clear buttons carefully while ensuring that you do not leave any that cannot be reached later from a remaining arrow.

Some details on how to solve it along with a solution have been been sent in by a helpful App Gamer which you can see here. Posted Solution. Our thanks for that.

Check below for the known button order:
Tap the buttons in the numbered order below
02 | 03 | 09 | 08 | 36 | 31
14 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 15 | 32
22 | 25 | 11 | 07 | 24 | 23
21 | 18 | 10 | 20 | 35 | 19
13 | 17 | 12 | 29 | 16 | 30
01 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 34 | 33

Once complete just tap the Unlock button to complete this room puzzle.

Room 09

Previous Solution
The puzzle board in Room 9 features a complex circuit of wires and logic gates with 8 inputs arranged around the sides which you can tap to set as 1 or 0.

Room 09

To activate the entry pad on the left you need to set the 1's and 0's around the sides to the correct values to activate the switch connected to the yellow wire next to it.
AND gates
All inputs must the 1 to get a 1 on the output. Otherwise the output is 0
OR gates
Any input can be 1 to get a 1 on the output. If all inputs are 0 then the output is 0.
NOT gates
Input must be 0 to get a 1 on the output. if the input is 1 then the output is 0.

Set the inputs around the edges and then tap the switch next to the panel in the left to try it. If you have the right then it will activate.
Start from the final gate that is connected to the yellow wire from the switch and work out the inputs required to get a 1 from this gate.

Solution: Room 09Show

Once the panel on the left is activated you now need to tap that switch a few more times until the lever breaks off. Once it does you can drag it and place it onto a second circle above the input display panel.

Room 09

Taping the switch level in this position will now reveal 4 numbers in place of the 1's on the outside inputs. Each number will have 1-4 dots next to it. Use this to get the order of the 4 numbers. Then enter the code

Code: 5839Show

Tap the green padlock to complete the puzzle and open the next door which takes us to room 10.

If you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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