Mechanical Cube: Escape

All endings in Mech Cube Escape

All endings in Mech Cube Escape
Mechanical Cube: Escape Guide

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There are currently 8 different endings to find in Mech Cube Escape although more levels are planned so its possible more endings will be added.

As you work your way though the rooms you will find several way to exit from the mysterious cube although in most you will wish you hadn't found them. The failed endings only put put back where you were though and finding them all is part of the challenge.

If you are missing any of them here is how to find them.

Room 01 - Brundlefly
After completing room 1 and moving on come back in here again later to discover a Mysterious pod on the left. Tap this to try to teleport your way home, only to find yourself with a new problem.

Room 03 - Accelerated Decrepitude
Complete the puzzle in room 3 and then exit to the left to age and die.

Room 05 - Spaaaaaaace.
Complete this rooms puzzle and take the only exit to the right.

Room 08 - Tyrannosaurus Rex
Complete the puzzle in Room 8 and take the exit door on the left to go back in time and meet a dinosaur.

Room 10 - Resistance is futile
Complete the puzzle here to unlock the door to jon the collective in another of the unfortunate endings for the game.

Room 11 - Security lock down
To get the initial ending you must do this before you discover the secret key collectible in the menu.
Tap the wall on the far left to reveal a secret door. Pass through and you will be in a corridor without the right security clearance. This ending will leave you in pieces.

Room 13 - Immortality
Once you have found all the collectible items (15 at the time of writing). You can access the door to the right of room 13 and encounter the Floating golden ball that grants your wishes.

Secret Ending
Once you have found the time key in the menu (collectibles) return to Room 11 and enter the hidden corridor again. This time you find yourself in a control room. But what do you control?

We hope this helps you find all of the endings int he game. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page or comment below.

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