Mechanical Cube: Escape

Room 02

Room 02
Mechanical Cube: Escape Guide

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After solving the first room we move on to Room 2 of Mechcuve Escape.

Room 02

Collectible item: Tap the skeleton in the right corner to find your first item

This puzzle is a maze of sorts where you need to pass an orb from the start on the left to the finish on the far right. The orb will be blue or red and can only pass though a gate of the same color.
When it passes through a gate it will change to the opposite color.

Room 02

Move the orb through the gates until you reach the right hand half. The orb should be blue.
Room 02

Move the orb down 1 and then to the right 1, The orb will be blue.

Now move it down 1 and left 1, then back up to the top 2. The orb will be red
Room 02

You can now move back to the left and take 2 steps down to the bottom, and 1 left.
Then move all the way up to the top rail again and now across to the right.
Room 02

From here move down 1, then to the right 1. Then down 2 to the bottom and finally to the right to finish.
Room 02

Tap the green button to complete the puzzle and unlock the next 2 rooms. The lower door will take you to Room 04. We will first go through the top door to find Room 03.

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