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Quests and Rewards

Quests and Rewards
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Quests and Rewards

Days of Empire does not hold back when it comes to rewarding players with free stuff. Every once in a while, you get valuable freebies from quests/events, and then you also get a daily does of the few basic items to summon new heroes (or shards at least), earn training items, packed (item) resources, and even gold from accomplishing your daily missions.

If you are playing the game for free, you'll have to put some elbow grease before you get anywhere close to decent performing kingdom (meaning you could survive "kingdom versus kingdom events", as well as being capable of doing raids yourself). Luckily for those not paying to win the game, this is possible with just a lot of patience and getting a better grasp / understanding of how things work in the game (especially the quests/events that will reward you with invaluable items needed for your citadel's growth).

Understanding the Game Better:

Why Do I need to perform the quests or missions?

To progress in the game, players are required to improve the facilities inside their citadel or improve their armies. To do any of this, you are required to pay a fee using any one or the combination of the in-game resources like lumber, grain, iron, and quarts. And though it is possible to farm these resources using the resource fields within your capital or even through resource-gathering missions for your troops outside the capital, there is no better way of saving in-game resources than making sure you constantly perform your daily missions, quests, and events.

Quests and Rewards

A quick example of this can be seen in the "Primary Tasks" tab when you press the Quest Icon. In this tab, you'll see a list of basic requirements/tasks. Upon clearing/accomplishing anything that is included in the list, you'll earn its corresponding reward. These tasks are not necessarily monumental or difficult to achieve -- for instance, every time that you reach a certain level of upgrade on your facilities, or earning a set amount of resource, or even just logging-in for an X number of days in the game, you'll earn a corresponding reward.

What are the Daily Tasks and how do I perform them?

Daily Tasks are arranged in a format where players, regardless of level, can render the required tasks -- especially when given proper attention. The Daily Tasks also have a 6-tier level of completion, each one providing a better sum of rewards than the one preceding it. As you earn points doing the sets of tasks required, you'll eventually come to unlock each of the tier levels -- which in return, earns you the corresponding treasure chests. The higher tier level you reach, the greater rewards you get.

Quests and Rewards

Understanding how it works is also very simple -- whenever you perform any of the listed tasks, you earn a corresponding point. For instance, one of the tasks there is the "Grain Collection" which requires you to collect 25,000 Grain in the kingdom (using your troops to collect outside your citadel). For every 5000 Grain you collect, you earn 3 points. With this task alone, you can accumulate as much as 15 points. There are 32 tasks in total, and you do not have to complete every single one of them to accumulate all the 450 points needed to get to the last tier of reward.

Tier Levels and Rewards:

Tier 1 (40 points)

Grain - x39,000

Lumber - x39,000

5min Reduction - x2

Iron - x6,240

Tier 2 (80 points)

Lord Exp - x1,560

Assault Horn - x2

Strengthening Stone - x13

Steel - x1,300

Safiye Hatun (Fragments) - x2

Regular Summon - x2

Tier 3 (160 points)

Grain - x78,000

Lumber - x78,000

5min Reduction - x5

Iron - x12,480

Regular Summon - x3

Tier 4 (220 points)

Lord Exp - x5,200

Assault Horn - x2

Strengthening Stone - x13

Steel - x2,600

Skill Book - x2

Tier 5 (340 points)

Bomb - x3

Grain - x156,000

Lumber - x156,000

5min Reduction - x7

Iron - x24,960

Skill Book - x2

Tier 6 (450 points)

Mysterious Chest - x1

War Bugle - x3

VIP points - x10

Gold - x50

Enhancement Stine Chest - x1

Hero Shard (Purple) - x5

Advance Summon - x1

Quests and Rewards

Should I follow the Recommended Quest?

Depending on your familiarity on the game, you may stick to following the game's recommendations (by simply clicking on the Quest button, and checking the top of the list which one is recommended) for you not to stray too far from what is needed to balance the growth of your facilities. However, if you are familiar with these types of games, there is also the option to hand pick which facilities you'll upgrade. This will propel you in growing a particular play style, but in return, you will surely lack something. For instance, other players avoid building resource-generating facilities inside their citadel and instead focus on upgrading hospitals (PVP-centric play) although they may lack the constant supply of resources thru these facilities, they make up by farming resource plots outside their cities.

Quests and Rewards

Some facilities would also involve increasing the rally size that you can put out or gather with your alliance members for co-op play during events. While most alliance leaders invest in this feature, there are a lot of players that do not upgrade to such options at all. So it all depends whether you know what you're getting into (and focus on growing rapidly in one field), or take it slow and have a well-balanced growth in all your facilities. Either way, you can adjust your play-style when you start getting a better understanding of how everything works in the game.

The good thing about these games is that it is never too late to start growing a citadel. Even if for instance other players have a head-start of 2 weeks before you start building your city, you'll pretty much get to the same level (at least power level - wise) if you are cautious and do not engage in senseless battles.

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