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What are Heroes for in Days of Empire?

What are Heroes for in Days of Empire?
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Heroes in Days of Empire are primarily leaders for your Troops when they go into battle. Their primary function is to provide additional boosts to your troop. Additionally, each hero in the game has a unique set of skills that are useful in different circumstances. While some of them might give you plentiful boosts when attacking outside your kingdom, others impart useful buffs when it comes to increasing production of your farms, improving the production soldiers in your training grounds, and some others very helpful in shaving off wait times when building or performing research.

Heroes are very important as they generally key in giving you, your army, and your capital the edge against rival players in the kingdom. For this reason, it is most appropriate to say that you should take the time to figure out which ones you'll improve to help you progress faster than other players. That said, here is a quick guide of everything you have to know about heroes in Days of Empire.

1. Summoning Heroes

Heroes can be summoned in the Hall of Heroes, or by composing Hero Souls, which can be acquired through participating in various events. For starters, there are 2 variants of summoning scrolls. The regular one, gives you 5 free draws everyday. Aside from that, you can also earn these regular scroll from different events. You also have the Advance Scroll -- one that generally gives you a better chance in drawing out purple or orange heroes (ones that are better when it comes to raw power and skill) / hero soul, which you can easily get on a daily basis upon completing your Daily Tasks (among the rewards in the last tier).

2. Using Heroes

Dispatching Heroes - assigning heroes to lead a march (troop) will; either boost the power of troops in that dispatch, improve their resource collection speed, or generally boost their marching speed when attacking Marauders. Additionally, the skills, tactics, and attributes of your Heroes can have a great impact in improving the performance of your troops in a battle.

Assigning Heroes - heroes can be assigned to buildings such as the Castle, Institute, Warehouse, Water Mill, Barracks, Stables, Target Range, Workshop, and Fortress. Heroes generally increase the efficiency of the buildings that they are assigned to. Take note too that even if you assign heroes in a pertaining function in the citadel, it won't affect the availability of that hero from leading a march outside the citadel.

Manning the Walls - assigning a Hero to man the walls of your Castle increases the attributes of your defending troops. Also, take note that this bonus is only effective when you are under attack. Additionally, heroes that are positioned to do this function won't be able (or allowed) to lead any march outside your citadel.

3. Upgrading Heroes

To upgrade your heroes, you'll need EXP books to increase a pertaining Hero's EXP. When its experience points reaches a certain amount, the Hero will automatically be upgraded to its next level. When this happens (a hero's level increases), their attributes, 'battle', 'development', and 'support' will also get a commensurate increase depending on the type of hero. Usually, rare and legendary heroes (purple and orange heroes) bump up these values -- higher than regular ones (blue heroes).

4. Promoting Heroes

Heroes can be promoted using Hero Souls (fragments of that same hero). Alternatively, you can use universal fragments to take the place of specific Hero Souls, given that you already have that hero, and you are using the same color of rarity (purple or orange). Promoting a hero will generally increase its 'battle', 'development', and 'support' attributes. You can acquire Hero Souls by summoning or completing certain event tasks.

5. Hero Skills

Every Hero begins with one fixed skill, which cannot be upgraded or changed. You can then unlock the concluding skill slots when your Hero's level reaches a certain threshold (depends on the rarity of hero, but usually on levels 20, 40, 60 and 100). You can choose whichever skill you want that hero to learn -- that are available in your hero skills inventory (ones you usually draw in Skill Research in the Hall of Heroes facility). The ones with the thumbs up icon on the top of the skill are generally the ones that are highly suggested for that specific hero.

Hero Skills can be acquired through the Skill Research function in the Hall of Heroes, or by using Skill Books. Skill Books can be composed from Skill Shards, which can be acquired by participating in certain events. You can also upgrade these skills after learning them. Hero Skills can be upgraded using Skill Pellets, the higher level the skill, the stronger the buff it grants. If you are lacking Skill Pellets to level up a pertaining skill, you can also Dismantle learned skills in exchange for Skill Pellets.

6. Hero Tactics

When your Hero Rank reaches 5 stars, the Tactic feature will be unlocked -- which will enable you to fiddle around a special interface with Tactic slots. Once a hero have gained these tactics, it will generally raise your Heroes' power and battle-worthiness. Each Hero can also muster up to 4 tactics. Tactics can be upgraded using Hero Souls too, with the level of promotion increasing with your Tactic level, the amount of levels you upgrade each time is random. Tactics can be changed using War Scrolls

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