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What are Farm accounts in Days of Empire?

What are Farm accounts in Days of Empire?
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Have you ever encountered people in your alliance that are surrounded by farm accounts? Especially those ones that have “Farm” XX (number) in their names. Farm accounts are dummy accounts / alternate accounts of players that are primarily used to help a main account progress faster in the game.

Basically, farm accounts serve two different purposes. One is to hit them to plunder the resources earned by the Farm Accounts, and the other one is to have some sort of troop factory to get kills or have your own troops get killed as well (for the days you need increase in power, have them set on the hospitals until you need to actually heal them). If you are smart with dealing with the requirements of some regular events in the game like the Top Lord, Farm accounts are the way to go!

For Plundering Resources:

Getting a farm account set to have at least 3 marching troops is relatively easy. If you have for instance 2 or three farm accounts set up, you are technically getting extra hands to gather resources for your main account. Basically, you'll want the farm account/s to work each of its marching troops to gather on resource tiles.

They will serve as banks whenever you need the resource to render an expensive upgrade in your main account. To simplify the process, you can easily attack your farm and plunder the resources. If you have the patience and time, you might want to temporarily include the farm accounts to your alliance and have them send the resources through their marching troops (which will be taxed by the game).

Kill Exchange:

You might want to upgrade your castle at least to level 16 to get the more competitive level 6 troops. Additionally at this level, you already have all of your resource collectors unlocked -- which is helpful when you need to plunder resources from this farm account. What you'll need is get a number of troops enough to do 3 full marches (gathering resources), and set your hospitals so that they can accommodate the total number of soldiers that you have.

When you need to exchange kills (for instance preparing for “Increase Power” day), have your main account send some lower tiered soldiers attack these farm accounts to set them up for your hospitals. When the challenge for increase in power starts, simply heal them to get a spike in power. There are other events too that generally reward you for the total kills that you perform within the kingdom -- which will definitely help your main account top the rankings in these events (and earn their massive rewards)..

Quick Tip:

To make a farm account, you'll have to create a new google or Facebook account. Before loading a new account however, you should make sure to have bound your progress from another account (especially if you are using the same phone/device and are just logging out / switching your accounts. This process can also be tedious -- but nonetheless doable. If you are not confident in switching between your accounts in one device, you can take the safe measure by using an entirely different device for your farm account.

If you start a new game (for your farm account), take note that you'll always be sent to the most recent server that has been opened. However, if this is not the same kingdom as that of your main account, new accounts have this unique teleport item that enables them to transfer any other previous kingdom. However, take the time to facilitate your growth within the latest kingdom as newly opened servers tend to give bonuses a lot during their first few days.

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