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Top Lord in Days of Empire

Top Lord in Days of Empire
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If you are familiar with these types of games (MMORTS games), you probably know that there is usually a perpetually on-going event comprised of unique special tasks handed down to the players (in the server), in every day of the week. Usually, players who tops the list (top prizes for 1st-10th, and then consolation prizes for the 11th-100th players included in the list) would be rewarded with prizes comprised of Gold, speedups, and a variety of other useful resources. In Days of Empire, this daily event is called "Top Lord".

Top Lord in Days of Empire
To top the list, you'll simply have to perform what is asked of you. The usual task is very straightforward and pretty much simple to understand. However, this is not where the actual challenge is. The challenge is to make sure you get the most points while performing the requirements of the task -- across the whole kingdom. That said, if for instance your kingdom has 2000 active players in it, all those interested in it will be competing for that top spot. Apart from earning points for its daily challenges, you also get an averaged sum for your whole week's performance -- which in itself is the whole Top Lord contest. The Top Lord does not hold back when it comes to giving away rewards. For example, getting the top spot will easily get you x amount of Gold, and x amount of speedups. Below are the list of the things you'll have to perform in their order/sequence, and a simple explanation of what to you can do (tip) to make it to the top of the list.

Phase 1. Develop Castle - upgrade the facilities inside your citadel. Only completed upgrades will count for points. Increase in power / duration of the upgrade process directly influences the point you earn in this event.

Quick Tip: Schedule your upgrades - before you perform an upgrade on a specific facility, make sure to check the duration of the whole upgrade progress. This way, you can schedule the upgrade so that it finishes on the Develop Castle day, or Power Up day -- which can be similar in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to computing commensurate points for the Top Lord event.

Phase 2. Collect Resources - make sure to get all your marching troops out of the citadel and gathering resources during this day.

Quick Tip: You can use buffs that generally improve your yield for 24-hours to help you get extra points, and more importantly, try your best to make sure all your marching troops are gathering / mining for resources the whole day. If for instance the gathering troop won't finish on time (for the cut-off), recall them before the day's cut-off. Obviously, you won't be able to beat players that are on a higher level that have more marching troops than you have, but at the very least, still try to get as much points as you can to help boost your week's average.

Phase 3. Kill Marauders - kill as much marauder as you can in during the event. This may be tough to complete during your earlier levels in the game due to the fact that you do not have the capacity to send off a bigger marching troop (limited to your level), which means you are limited to attacking marauders that are of the same level as your marching troops (in power). In this event, higher level marauders equates to higher points -- which means players that are higher in level also benefit greatly in this event.

Quick Tip: Never spend your stamina items unless it is Kill Marauder day -- this way, you have an edge over players that do not have more stamina than what the game gives for the day. Wait for most players to finish performing/participating on this event prior to starting. If for instance you do not stand a chance against the top three, try not to overspend on your stamina items and save them for the following week instead.

Phase 4. Train Soldiers - gives you corresponding points per number of soldiers you train in a day. The higher the level of the Soldier, the higher point you gain. Higher level players would also benefit better in this event due to the fact that they have access to higher tiered soldiers.

Quick Tip: Schedule the training of your soldiers (ahead of time) so that the output will fall exactly on the "Train Soldiers" day. This will give you an edge over the competition. You may want to invest on research too that generally helps in improving the volume of soldiers you can train at a time, and the ones that improve the duration needed to actually train them. Lastly, save up on the training speedups and only use them during this day of the week.

Phase 5. Power Up - you can pretty much do anything in this day that has a direct influence in bumping up your power rating. You earn a commensurate amount of points for every power increase you'll get from the start of the day.

Quick Tip: You can either schedule other upgrades during this day, at the same time do all of your research so that they will finish this day or use your research speed-ups during this day. Either way, you can earn significant increase in power if you do this strategically. Unless, if you happen to have missed the Develop Castle day on the 1st phase, you can spend your building speedups on this day too to get ahead of the competition.

Random Additional Phases

Phase 6. Develop Castle (similar to Phase 1)
Phase 7. Power Up (similar to Phase 5)

Every day, there are three tiers to complete in the Top Lord Event. Usually, the first two tiers would reward you with items, and the third tier will always give you Gold as a reward. During each stage, you can get points by completing the pertaining task for the day. Always check the point structure given for the given challenge. When you collect enough points to meet the requirement of each tier, you'll receive its reward. You can always check for your current ranking in the current phase, and the overall top lord event for the week.

Top Lord in Days of Empire
To follow up on who won the Top Lord event, you might want to go to your mailbox and check system messages -- where they are announced. Additionally, if you are one of those most competitive ones that top the list, it is through here where you actually get the bonus items rewarded by the game.

Top Lord in Days of Empire

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