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How to Play Days of Empire

How to Play Days of Empire
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The Game's Strengths

Although there are a lot of MMORTS titles sharing the same concept, there are only a handful of them that actually offer some really interesting strengths and ingenuity. However, even if a game does not have any of these, the single most important quality that such type of game should probably have (at least), is to have a huge population -- which of course equates to a large number of in-game participants.

How to Play Days of Empire
A large population means the battlefield (kingdom in this game) is always active (with numerous online players at any point of time) - which improves your overall playing experience (from improved competitive and social factors). Not only does Days of Empire have a huge following, the large number of active competitors are always present, which equates to a more exciting and more competitive experience.

How to Play Days of Empire
Days of Empire's comprehensive equipment and hero systems are also very interesting as they play a huge part in improving your attack system, and overall competence in the game. Unlike other games where typical heroes or officers are rare or very hard to get, not only do you get a wide array of heroes to play in this game, it is also very generous in handing out free fragments (of heroes) on a daily basis. The wide variety of heroes to choose from coupled with the equipment system in place - means you get additional strategic variables to fiddle around with, and ultimately influence the results of your battles.

Game Progress

Like any similar MMORTS game, progress is basically measured via power rating. However, player shouldn't rely on just growing their army to increase overall power. Instead, focus on improving "Permanent Power" by upgrading the facilities inside your citadel, or working on your technology / research. Another unique thing in this game too is the equipment system (of your character - the governor) -- which in itself improves the power rating of your citadel by a whole lot.

How to Play Days of Empire
Getting lost in the game is easy especially for players that are not familiar with these types of games. However, a good measure to get you right on track is to simply follow your missions and complete your daily quests. This way, you get to easily balance the progress of your facilities as well as having an in-depth guide of what to work on in the game.

Remember that upgrading your facilities, improving your tech (research), working on your heroes, and your equipment will benefit you more than just simply growing the size of your army. However, it is still relatively important to work on unlocking better leveled soldiers and gathering a size that is "intimidating enough" for a lot of players -- to have them generally avoid ransacking your citadel.

How to Play Days of Empire
Most importantly, growth in the game can generally be achieved when you enlist with a great alliance(party/guild) to play with. Several activities that rewards players with a generous amount of speedups and useful items can only be earned through co-op gameplay that is only available when you perform co-op play with alliance members (like rallies and similar stuff). Not only do you get freebies every now and then, but most importantly, you get some sort of cloud protection by playing with a huge party of strong players in the game.

Game's Raid System

If you launch an attack and fail to destroy the entirety of the target (another player), it will result as failing the attack -- which will incur death to all the forces that you've sent. What this means is that they won't be hospitalized in your citadel unless you have corresponding research or buff that enables you to retrieve them. However, this is not the same case when you attack in-game NPCs like marauders or pirate stronghold - where only a small fraction of your army actually dies and most of them being sent to your hospitals. Take note though that when you do not have enough hospital capacity to receive injured soldiers, the overage of injured soldiers will automatically die.

Your soldiers and the way you combine their numbers, levels, and classes will play a huge part in winning your raids. Apart from this, the heroes (and their particular buffs) designated in a pertaining raid will immensely influence the result of the battle. That said, you should always see to it to put time improving your heroes.

How to Play Days of Empire
Quick Tip:

You'll notice that the game usually has one or two Heroes that you get the most number of fragments of. If you choose to prioritize improving the levels of these Heroes, you'll end up having really powerful accompanying heroes early in the game. Not only do you get great buffs from these heroes (as it is easier to unlock their 3rd and 4th tier skills), you'll also benefit from greatly improving the attack party's overall power rating (as higher tiered and leveled heroes do have higher overall power). Of course, nothing beats getting to max up Heroes that are legendary -- although in reality, it is just way too hard to do this especially if you are not willing to shell out real money to get them.

How to Play Days of Empire
Defending your Citadel

When you get past Citadel level 5, your cloud of protection from attacking players (shield) will be forfeited -- meaning, any player in the kingdom can now perform an attack your citadel. To prepare for this, your top most bet would be to join a powerful alliance -- which will serve as a deterrent to invading parties. However, if you are not confident that your alliance will deter other players from attacking you, a more straightforward approach is to purchase a Shield. Take note though that they can only be purchased with Gold (prime currency in the game) through the store, or with Alliance Honor through the Alliance Store - and they do not come cheap.

However, if you do not have enough resources to purchase a shield, you can still prevent or mitigate troop casualty by simply doing any of these simple steps:

- Deliver your troops on other "more powerful" citadels within your alliance which you think stand a better chance in warding off invaders. If you do this, it is more likely that your troops make it out alive in an attack scenario. You also do not lose power if other players will attack your citadel if there are no troops inside it. This will minimize the losses in your part.

- If your Citadel becomes a target, you may very well still have a few seconds time to get your troops out by sending them to do chores like collecting resources from a far-off place, and then recall them halfway when the intruder leaves. This is tricky and it requires getting used to in order to perform it without a hitch.

- If you are not always online to check an invasion, you must see to it that you only enlist a number of soldiers equivalent or not more than what your hospitals can handle. Keeping this value in check will effectively mitigate casualties whenever there is an attack -- even if you are not there to quickly respond to the situation.

Gathering Resources More Efficiently:

- As the tutorial phase may have introduced to you, you can actually gather resources with your soldiers by sending in them outside the citadel to collect resources from various resource spots. However, the bigger the volume of troops you have and the higher the value that a resource spot has, the longer it will take to complete the collection process. As you progress in the game though, you'll get to send a fewer number of better leveled soldiers to do the same job. Additionally, you also become more efficient with resource-gathering as you put efforts in improving your skills in the the institute (research). There are also specific heroes that should improve on this specific task, as well as in-game items that basically has a hand on speeding things up for you -- but ultimately, these stuff aren't easy to come by and are definitely not free.

How to Play Days of Empire
- If you find yourself always in short of resources in the game, you might want to play the game by following the sequence of missions/quests. This way, you always get to be rewarded by fulfilling each and every given task -- that should be sufficient enough in bringing in the volume of resource you need as you progress in the game.

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