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Experience rich simulation of the 15th century battles in Days of Empire: Heroes never die, an MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real-time strategy) game, produced by ONEMT, dressed to simulate the explosive expansion of the individual tribes and cities building the ottoman empire -- at the same time imbuing the game with a perfect war-themed setting which makes it really engaging and interesting.

Days of Empire Guide and Walkthrough
And though we've seen a lot of these types of game in the play store, you'll still want to try the different setting and the what this particular game has to offer. The volume of players is also not a problem -- as evident to the volume of servers available in the game. This equates to the hundreds of players that are online, for you compete with, or become allies with.

At the onset, you'll take lead as a newly elected governor of a promising new citadel. Here you'll be tasked to build your force from scratch - by growing your army of soldiers and at the same time evolving your facilities to promote further growth in your overall strength. You are also to perform an expansive array of quests that are set to reward you with resources that will fund your progress in the game. Much more, you can explore the vast world and even engage battles with marauders, occupy resource-rich tiles, explore ruins, and simply enjoy co-op play with your allies and friends.

Given the nature of the game, you are given the option to grow your power according to your strategy. There are a lot of ways to effectively improve your overall power in the game including multiple variations of research (military, city growth, skill, etc.), growing the size of your armt, enlisting defenses in your city (traps), as well the chance to pick from different types of units and heroes to lead your army.

Days of Empire Guide and Walkthrough
As with other similar strategy games out there, this game involves a complex lot of game options for you to pick or fiddle around with in order to get ahead of your competition. From building your roster of heroes, improving their ranks and skills, as well as strategically involving yourself with powerful alliances (guilds) within the game world, and even by simply just following through the daily tasks / quests that the game has in store for you, it is relatively impossible to run out of things to do to improve your overall standing in the battlefield.

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