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Days of Empire Building Basics

Days of Empire Building Basics
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Days of Empire Building Basics
First and foremost, building basics tackles the progress of upgrades referring to the individual buildings or facilities found inside your citadel. The main concept of the game (or even similar MMORTS games out there) is to push players into accumulating as much power as they can in-order to prove superior when engaged by other players into battle. To do this, you can either build your troops, invest heavily in research, or improve your facilities.

However, there is such thing called permanent power in the game -- which is coined from the fact that even if you were to be plundered by other players, this will be your baseline power even without troops. It is generally influenced by your Lord Level, the collection of heroes you have, the collective value of power that all your facilities share, and lastly, your research.

Days of Empire Building Basics
That said, it is relatively important that you find time upgrading what is necessary in your citadel and not just relying on pure military power. The most basic thing to know is that your Castle's level, apart from providing you a jump power every time it is upgraded, basically dictates that current cap limit to the upgrade you can do with all your facilities. Meaning if your Castle is at level 15, you won't be allowed to upgrade any of your buildings past that level.

Also remember that as you try to move up one level with your current castle, it will always require you reach the same level for the "Wall" as a pre-requisite, along with another key building. For instance, if you wish to upgrade to Level 16 Castle, it will require you to reach Level 15 Wall, and a Level 15 Quartz mine (on top of the resource needs you'll have to pay in order to proceed with the upgrade).

If this whole process is too complex for you to deal with, you can also subscribe to what the game will try and guide you with. To do this, simply check the quest button found at the lower left portion of the screen, just beside the chat tab. When you get there, you'll see a recommendation on top of the list to what building should you upgrade next. Additionally, upon meeting the requirements of this recommendation, you'll get a reward (usually packages of in-game resources).

Aside from building your power from military and facilities upgrades to dominate the game, there are also some other key points of interests (inside your citadel) in the game that are just as important to know -- because of the relative impact they share in your overall progress. Below are the list:

1. Institute - this is where you perform research to improve in different fields in the game including those ones related to resource gathering, city development, city defense, your military, and even tactics. Each of these categories has their own skill tree -- which you can research progressively as you play the game. Performing these research and earning the different passive buffs from it will generally help you improve in the game. For instance, if you've researched Ploughing in the Resource section, it will add a whooping 10% in your productivity -- which equates to additional 10% in your yield. These small stuff add up when you continue to perform research and improve your skill tree.

Days of Empire Building Basics
2. Pet System - many players in the game do not pay much attention to this almost add-on concept which is seemingly irrelevant to the overall theme of the game. However, paying attention to your pet (basically just feeding it and remember sending it to patrol missions afterwards) will ultimately help you shave off a lot of minutes in your build time, research time, and even increase your resource yield (at least with the first pet alone -- the Fallow Deer). For instance, a Level 50 Fallow Deer will shave off 50 minutes in your build time and research, and increase your resource yield to 50% as well. This will really help you progress faster especially during the early levels in game (Castle level 13 - 20). There are also other pets that you can unlock that can help improve the attack or defense of particular army units in the game. Pet System is unlocked as you reach Castle level 13 in the game.

Days of Empire Building Basics
3. Hospitals - before amassing a huge army, make sure that you at least have the capacity to house an equivalent amount of injured soldiers with your hospitals. There are three ways to improve this value (the number of injured soldiers you can house). First is through building more hospitals and upgrading them, second is through special heroes that improve this value when assigned to certain facilities, and lastly with research. Remember that when you can't accommodate wounded soldier, it will automatically dies -- removing your capacity to heal it, and recover the equivalent lost power from an attack.

4. Harlem (Concubine System) - like the pet system, concubine system was put in place to help give you some really interesting buffs (they learn their own unique skills which in return are equivalently and actively improving yours). A lot of players also do not pay much attention to this, but it does help improve your overall performance.

Days of Empire Building Basics
5. Heroes - although a lot are familiar with heroes in the game, very few really go the extra mile to improve them the proper way and get the stuff they need to actually upgrade them. Heroes need not only shards, they also need relative experience from the skill books you use on them. They also have a lot of room for skills that will generally improve their function when leading your armies to battles or resource gathering. The basic rule of thumb is to initially improve on the heroes which you have an abundant source of shards of. you may have luckily earned a legendary hero (gold), but without any additional shards to improve its rank (due to its rarity), it is almost impossible to upgrade them past level 40.

Days of Empire Building Basics
Be attentive to the skills that you choose as well. For instance, if you specialize in using one particular army unit and sending them out as one battalion (say 100k Lancer units for example), make use of the skills that will benefit that particular army unit most. Although there are rarer skills that generally improve the attack/defense/hp of all your units (regardless of what type they are), these usually have lower bonus rates compared to that of the skills meant for specific units.

Lastly, attend events or quests that generally reward you with the skill books, orbs, or hero shards to significantly boost the speed of improving your heroes.
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