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Anything outside your citadel is considered the kingdom's battlefield -- might that be locally on your kingdom (local server) or in other kingdoms (cross server battles). There are a ton of things that you could do outside your city limits. Below are the list of the basic things you can do:

1. Gather Resources
2. Attack Marauders (for rewards)
3. Perform Raids on Ruins
4. Perform Quests (Reinforce, Donate, Camp out)
5. Join Events for Rewards (Pirate Stronghold, Caravan)
6. Perform raids on other players

Gather Resources - You have the option to gather additional resources to fund your growth using the resource plots scattered across the kingdom. There are several levels of resource plots, but the main idea is that the closer you get to the center of the map, the higher level of resource plot you'll see. Higher level resource plots contain a bigger sum of resource, and equivalently needs longer time to collect. As you progress in the game, you'd feel the endless need to acquire bigger amounts of resources to fund your growth -- most especially with research.

Days of Empire Battlefield
As the demand for these various resources pick up, resource generators inside your citadel wouldn't be able to keep up even when combined with the usual rewards you get from your quests/accomplishments -- as you wouldn't get them as often as you did when you were just starting the game (or at least the value you receive isn't commensurate to your needs). What you'll have to do instead is to boost your research on faster gathering times, so that gathering outside your citadel would be able to help you immensely in funding your growth.

Attack Marauders - this is the most basic the PVE (player versus environment) system in the game. By default, you have 100 stamina at the start of the game. Each time you perform an attack, this value diminishes by 5 as a penalty -- and recuperates after a set amount of time. Usually, what you get in return is a random item drop (among the guaranteed options), and some relative experience. The higher the level of the enemy, the greater the reward you get. Additionally, targeting/killing marauders is among the daily tasks that you'll have to do in the game, which is why it is quite rewarding to pursue them.

Days of Empire Battlefield
Perform Raid on Ruins - will generally require you to send some of your army units to scour and investigate a pertaining ruin (found randomly in the map). With luck, your search party might be able to find multiple items in their mission. And though there are no battles inside a ruin, you'll have to commit a certain number of your soldiers to form the search party. You won't be able to use this party until they finish the mission, unless you cancel the search -- which will basically mean failing that pertaining mission, and the forfeit of anything found therein.

Days of Empire Battlefield
Perform Quests - as you go through the tutorial phase, you'll learn about some routine stuff that you can do in the game like performing quests. Performing quests especially the ones found in the Daily Tasks tab will help you earn some stuff that are usually not free in the game like advanced summon scrolls, hero experience books, and gold to mention a few. To complete all the tiers of the day, among the few things you'll have to do are to reinforce one ally (preferably the one nearest to you), donate resources to one ally, and kill some marauders.

Join Events - events in the game are a great way to receive special items in the game like speed-ups and even hero fragments. Though it is usually hard to beat them if you are not powerful enough (as it usually requires having to battle it out with other players in the kingdom), there are those ones that you can do in collective effort with your allies such as the Caravan event , or the rallies targeting Pirate Strongholds. This way, you get to earn valuable experience, speedups, and a lots of resource packs.

Days of Empire Battlefield
Perform raids on other players - although the game is not entirely attuned to having its players kill each other, there is really no reason not to attack any other player that isn't part of your alliance. For one thing, there is an event where your alliance compete for territory -- which will ultimately lead to player to player confrontations. What is there not to like if you are in the winning end? For one thing, you get tons of resources from the player that you are plundering. Additionally, there are events that reward you for the total number of player kill you get or the sum of power you were able to shave off by defeating your enemies (other players) either in your battlefield, or across other servers (other kingdoms). There is also a ranking system for this raid-type events -- which in itself rewards you with tons of speedups, gold, and what not.

Days of Empire Battlefield
As you get to a higher level (level 20 up, citadel-wise), you'll probably spend more time checking the kingdom-view -- and all the real-time stuff that is happening within the kingdom than micro-managing stuff inside your city. It is necessary to be aware of your position within the map, the position of resources (the their grade/level), as well as the position of your alliance's hive (place where there is a concentration of ally members). Take note that the closer you get to the center of the map, the more intense the battles are when PK (player-kill) event battles are on. Of course you'd still be spending time upgrading some facilities, and doing some research as well, but when progress takes a week's worth of wait (progress bar) without speedups, you'll definitely look elsewhere for entertainment.-- hence, checking out all the other stuff to do in the battlefield.

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