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How to Increase Power in Days of Empire

How to Increase Power in Days of Empire
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How to Increase Power in Days of Empire
Power in the game reflects how strong you are -- at least in comparison to other players. Though this is still tricky because, it might look that you are more powerful in comparison to some other player due to having more quantity in your military power, but if the other player has better research and higher tiered soldiers, you'll still lose the battle. Simply put, there is a lot of stuff that you should do in order to become powerful -- or at the very least battle-worthy in the game.

The simplest way to increase power is to improve your facilities -- you may have noticed that whenever you build or upgrade something inside you city, your power value commensurately increases. The same is true whenever you train more units to add to your military. However, you should not rely too much in increasing your power through this method because it is just as easy to lose this power when other players attack you, and kills your army.

Nonetheless, training a good number of military units is still important to do the marching chores for you. If you happen to notice that you do not lack any more units when performing resource gathering (of say level 6 or 7 resource tiles), that is pretty much the limit of units you should have -- unless you can house any more of that figure with your hospitals (in case other players attack you).

How to Increase Power in Days of Empire
To learn more on how to improve your battle-worthiness, you might want to try to start attacking player bases that are at least 2 levels lower than your base. Whenever you complete an attack, you'll be given a report that tells you how well you did in the battle. This is a good simple measure to check which ones of your units are doing well, and to which type of units they don't do well against. Take note though that this will have a lots of factors to digest and understand -- including which heroes you've invested into (the ones you use in battles), which particular skills they have and which type of units in your army they give boosts to, as well as the skills you invest into as a Lord (lord skills). Basically, battle-worthiness in the game is not only reliant on your Power Level, but also with the passive buffs that you currently have (skills that generally improve the attack, defense, and even HP of your troops).

For starters, here is a list that should pretty much guide you to increase your power/battle-worthiness (the right way) in the game.

1. Build/Upgrade Facilities

Upgrading the facilities inside your city is the most straightforward way of increasing your power. The good thing is that this power increase is also permanent -- meaning, it won't diminish even if you suffered from an attack. However, it is also probably the hardest one to do because it takes a lot of time to upgrade your facilities to a level where it would impart a significant increase in your power level. Nonetheless, it is better that you start upgrading as soon as possible. If possible, you should also avoid building lots of resource farms inside your city as you can gather resources using your troops in the kingdom. Instead of farms, you might want to build hospitals to increase the maximum number of injured soldiers they can house -- as a safeguard to having a set number of military units you are using to gather resources (at least until you are confident to win battles).

How to Increase Power in Days of Empire
The sequence of upgrade is; Wall, Castle, the different training facilities, and lastly your hospitals (unless some other facility is a pre-requisite of upgrading your Castle).

2. Research Technology

Researching tech provide diversified support in your military performance, military growth, economy, and even your city's defense -- which in return, will pump up a value in your battle-worthiness, even if not evident in your power rating. The reason is that your get better buffs when you have better research. For instance, if you attack a capital that is similar to your level having the same type of units as you have (meaning they are at the same level), even if the opponent has more units, as long as you have better research (military-wise), you'll always come out victorious.

How to Increase Power in Days of Empire
There are also other categories to research -- which, even if not directly impart you with increase in power, will nonetheless help you progress faster in the game such as those ones that will help you gather resource faster, upgrade your facilities faster, and the like.

3. Improve your Lord Level and Skills

Improving your lord level is different from increasing your city level. You gain Lord Experience when performing quests in the game, and whenever you get the reward items from certain events. Whenever you increase in level, you're given 5 skill points that you can allocate in any way your want. To get there, simply click on your avatar (the icon on the upper left part of the screen), click on the skill book icon on the bottom part of the screen, and check which category of skill you'd want to spend the skill point. There are three categories; Battle, Development, and Assist. Battle includes passive buffs that have all the things related to improving your military units. Development have all the stuff to improve city-building, and resource gathering. Lastly, Assist have those additional skills to help you in the game -- such as skill to improve stamina recovery, increase marching speed, increasing the number or units you can train at a time, etc.

How to Increase Power in Days of Empire
4. Improving and Assigning Heroes in your City

You may have encountered this in the tutorial phase of the game, but didn't really put much effort in understanding how it works. However, assigning heroes to departments where they are well suited to (you'll see a recommendation of hero if you try to assign one in a pertaining facility) will grant you special buffs that can ultimately give you an edge over your enemies. Additionally, you can focus on upgrading a few heroes than equally upgrading each one of them. Try to focus on heroes that you get the most number of shards to so that it would be easy to get them to higher ranks. If not, you'll be stuck with having them at lower levels and fewer skills. Also, similar to your military units, the higher the level of the hero you have, as well as their rank, and skills -- the higher value they contribute to your overall power rating.

How to Increase Power in Days of Empire

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