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Hints and Tips (for new players)

Hints and Tips (for new players)
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There are lots and lots of similar MMORTS games out there like Days of Empire. However, it is always surprising to see that although they are similar in their basic structure, the multitude of minute differences and some polish on some games allows for some sort of relative new experience -- even the seasoned players. Even if you are quite familiar on how you play these types of games, it will take you about two weeks to unlock most of its content before you even get anywhere near battle-worthy level. That said, if you are totally new to these types of games, you're in for quite a rough start -- hence, we've developed this summarized guide to get new players some sort of a crash-course on the game.

1. Free Migration - beginners have access to free migration (teleport) in the game. This is very important especially when you are still at a level where you are trying to find an alliance that you feel comfortable in. The things that you should consider when transferring are; the level of resource in that particular area, the proximity of your alliance members (hive), and how far/close you are to the center of the map (the closer your hive is to the center of the map, the higher chance it will be attacked first during server battles).

The importance of the free teleport is to get you as close as possible to your alliance in order to properly address some of the daily quests you have to deal with for your Daily Tasks. It will also be efficient to work with your allies if they are in close proximity during rallies or Pirate Stronghold quests. Remember to do this early in the game -- especially before you even get past the 5th level where you basically lose the free shield too.

2. Join a Strong Alliance - Among the usual stuff that you usually take into consideration in other similar games like time zones (to coincide with their times) of other players and nationality, the most important thing in this game to check if your allies can speak English or not -- as it would really be hard to figure out what they are saying even if the game translates it for you. Of course, a larger crowd is also considerably more appealing as it could potentially be the strongest Alliance in the kingdom -- which in itself will give you a reward every week. Not limited to this, your allies can also send you help on a lot of things like building and on research. They could potentially send you some resources too if you need them. Lastly, a strong alliance will serve as a deterrent to other plundering players -- which in itself will give you peace of mind.

3. Do your Dailies - Dailies are not limited to your Daily Tasks -- which themselves are pretty straightforward. If you are not familiar to the daily tasks, they are simple objectives that you'll have to do every day, and upon meeting their requirement, you'll earn a set of rewards. Additionally, you should perform tasks given by your alliance which includes, excavating treasures (an helping allies open them), donate to your alliance, and help perform co-op events like caravan to have your alliance score high in the rankings. There are also PVE quests that you can do every day that are a good way to secure resources, equipment upgrade items, and speedups in the game. Lastly, you should see to it to check your free hero summons, and get all the other freebie items in the game.

4. Follow your Quest - if you are confused about the arrangement or sequence of builds inside your citadel (City Interface), you might just want to check on your "Quest Icon" seen just right beside your chat window. When you click on the icon, it will send you to a window that shows you a list of tasks that you can do in the game. It has two tabs, the first window that usually pops-up will show you the "Primary tasks", and on top of that list will show you the Recommend Quest -- sequenced objectives that serves like a guide towards step-by-step progress in your citadel. Following this sequence will help new players familiarize themselves with the different facilities and where to find them in your the (when you click the "Go" button). After completing the task, you may go back to the Primary Tasks tab, and claim the reward for that particular task that you have completed.

5. Always Check Mail - your mail is one constant channel for the lots of freebies handed down by the game or by your alliance. A lot of times, you get reward packages through your mail -- especially during the times that new events are introduced. These bonuses, though not particularly top tier items, are still a huge help in building your bases (might that be from the new heroes, several speed up items, or packaged resources). A lot of new players tend to miss this -- which is why we've included this in the list (as the usual set of free items are generally more helpful to beginners). The good thing is that none of these stuff in the mail expire. However, take note that your mail box has a limit, and you wouldn't want the game to auto-delete previous messages that may contain free items.

6. Explore Add-on Systems and Game Events - add-on systems are put in place to influence your power level or improve your gameplay one way or another. For instance, the Pet System, generally improves your power rating by a thousand every time you pet levels up. At the same time, each increase in level ultimately shaves off a minute whenever you build/upgrade your facilities (e.g. a level 55 pet would shave off 55 minutes in your total build/upgrade duration). On the other hand, exploring game events would not only familiarize you with the lot of players that are very active in the game (same server), it is also a good source of free gold, resources, and speedups (especially when you win in the events).

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