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Battlefield Buffs in Days of Empire

Battlefield Buffs in Days of Empire
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You might have noticed that upon reaching higher levels in the game, it becomes very difficult to push through with upgrades. Aside from the massive resources you have to pay in order to upgrade your facilities, the time needed to actually render the upgrade starts to reach in weeks and even in the month long scale.

For instance, upgrading from Castle level 25 to Castle level 26 will take around 30+ days to complete (depending on your active passive skills, helping shave off that original number of days). That said, even if you are willing to spend on speed-ups to hasten the process, it is a whole lot smarter to everything you can in order to get that day count as low as it can get.

For starters, this is where a farm account will technically be really helpful. If you do not know what a farm account is in the game, check the Farm Accounts guide here. The game has a conquest system in place that helps both the conqueror and the conquered gain some sort of buff/s when battle is triggered by the two participating castles (that are supposed to reside in the same kingdom/server).

Among the buffs that you may earn upon activating the conquest system are the following:

Increase Resource Yield inside your Castle +20%
Collection Rate +10%
Soldier Training Speed +5%
Research Speed +5%
Construction Speed +5%
Increase Troop Defense +10%
Increases Troop HP +10%
Increases Troop Attack +10%

To check which ones are active, simply click on your avatar, and then click the “conquer” icon at the left of your Power Level indicator. You'll see that when these buffs are active, a great deal of time is taken off what you’d normally have to wait -- if these buffs are not active. Additionally, you could compound these effects with Special Items that generally activate similar effects on building and research times.

It is also beneficial if you belong to the strongest alliance in the kingdom. Once the server is ready for the War of Throne, it will have all the players of the kingdom battle for the castle at the center of the map. There are certain requirements to secure, in order to take control of the position and title as the battlefield’s King. If your alliance happens to take control of this position, your King (most likely the top dog or at the very least one of your alliance leaders), can generally appoint its members some Official Position. Below are the Official Positions and the additional buffs they earn while they have these titles.

Queen: Resource Gains +25%, Resource Protection +25%
Head Minister: Building Speed +5%, Research Speed +5%, Training Speed +5%
Grand Justice: Resource Gains +10%, Training Speed +5%
Finance Minister: Grain Consumption -10%, Grain Yield +10%
Cavalry: Troop Attack +5%, Marching Speed +10%
Guard Leader: Troop Attack +5%, Troop Defense +5%
Scholar: Research Speed +10%
Smith: Building Speed +10%

It does not cost the King to grant these titles to people who need them, but the usual case is that they are given to those that belong to the same alliance. If you are an active alliance member and generally performed during the War of Throne, it is easy to say that you can request for these spots especially if you need certain buffs to ease up on the build or research time needed.
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