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In-app Purchases in Days of Empire

In-app Purchases in Days of Empire
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Days of Empire, has its fair share of items sold in exchange with real world money -- and they make it all to easy to access them as well, especially when you currently lack something in order to proceed with any form of upgrade in the game. For instance, if you currently lack specific resource to proceed with a pertaining upgrade (meaning if you don't even have the concealed or packed items of that type of resource), it will offer you in-app purchase packages that will include these resources. It gets creative too in selling rare hero shards, gold, and even VIP points.

In-app Purchases in Days of Empire
The easiest way to procure anything that is for sale is by clicking on "Treasure Chest tab on the upper right corner of the screen -- which you have access to, regardless if you are in the kingdom-view or in the citadel view. When you click on the tab, you'll be sent to the "Store" window, which will showcase multiple tabs of sorted items that are for sale. There are two types of premium currency sold there too, Gold and Gems. Gold are usually packaged with other items like speed-ups, and resource items. Gems on the other hand are sold as a unique currency that can avail you a special set of items in the "Tiered Packs" tab within the store.

Different tabs in the "Store" includes:

Best Sellers - a list of categorized package goods that can only be bought using Gems (the game's premium currency). They range from items that are custom tailored for your current level (in order to easily progress to concluding level), troop training speed-up packages, building speed-up packages, etc.

In-app Purchases in Days of Empire
Daily Special - displays 3 treasure chests (with different price range) that includes a collection of random guaranteed items, available for a limited time. It is here where you get to buy regular items cheaper than when you try to get them directly. For instance, you can pretty much purchase a package that includes "stamina" for a same price point when buying it separately, and be thrown in with lots of additional stuff like gold, speedups, resources, and VIP/EXP points. However, note that they do not sell the same items here every single day.

In-app Purchases in Days of Empire
Buy Gold - displays a list of Gem packages that you can purchase. The higher the price you pay, the more value for money you get. Additionally, you get more VIP points when purchasing the higher-tiered, more expensive packs. It does simply what it offers, it sells you Gems, and in exchange for money, you get a certain quantity -- which in return, you get to spend in the game to purchase special package of items that are either for boosting training, building, or even simply increasing your Lord experience.

In-app Purchases in Days of Empire
Tiered Packs - displays a list of item packages staged so that the higher the tier you purchase, the better deal you can get. These packages are also sorted and mostly separated by their general use -- like the ones you need to improve your equipment, those ones needed to upgrade facilities, train troops, resources, and even one that increases your lord experience. Note though that all the items here are only sold using Gems.

Other than that, you can also avail of special promos that are marketed by the game when a specific holiday or season pops up -- like special hero shards and what not. Lastly, whenever you suffer a defeat -- either when trying to raid, defend, or even fail in PVE (player versus environment) missions, you'll most likely be offered with stuff that can improve your game (mostly speed-ups packages).

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