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How to Earn Free Gold in Days of Empire?

How to Earn Free Gold in Days of Empire?
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1. Complete important quests or events that offer Gold as one of the rewards. Among the most basic ones that you should be doing on a daily basis are the Top Lord event (which usually gives 420 Gold upon reaching its 3rd tier), and the Daily Tasks - which will give you 50 Gold every day.

2. Join an Alliance for the first time to receive 200 Gold. This is a one time deal, but will nonetheless help you get 200 gold early in the game.

3. Collect Gold from the Gold Mines in the world. Although difficult and takes a very long time to do, once you have more marches to spare (higher level), you can dispatch them to Gold Resource Tiles in the kingdom. However, take note that it takes quite a long time to gather gold -- especially when compared to the other resource tiles.

4. Participate in the Top Lord Event and try to get high in the kingdom-wide rankings. Aside from the 420 gold that you receive from completing the 3 tiers of the day's Top Lord requirement, you can earn a large sum of gold and speed-ups when you finish the day at the top of the rankings. Additionally, your sum for the week will also be tallied to compete for the whole week's Top Lord event which in itself will give you additional set of rewards.

5. Claim unloaded cargo at the port at set intervals throughout the day. Although given randomly, the number of times you'll be receiving freebies will surely draw out gold every once in a while. Apart from the daily cargo, try to catch the floating wooden box in the river/canal (in between city wall and your farms) which also rewards you with a random resource.

6. Advance the Lord’s level to earn Gold. Each time you level up, you are given free resources and sometimes even speedups. You might want to check your Lord icon too, which usually rewards you with gold upon reaching some sort of milestone in the game -- usually when you get to a specified Lord level.

7. Killing Marauders has a good chance of picking up dropped Gold as well. Have you ever noticed the drop chances of different levels of Marauders? During kill-marauders event, you might want to target those ones that will give you the most value in kills (check point structure). Apart from giving you the most points out of your stamina, the highest level that you can defeat would also be the ones to give you the highest value in drop rewards. Although the item to receive is usually random, if you are competitive about the kill event (Top Lord), you'll surely amass a huge number of items and gold (this is on top of the gold you'll receive from the event itself).

8. Be awarded Gold by your King. Try your best to get to the top alliance in the kingdom in order to get a chance at the war of throne. Even if you are not the top dog of the kingdom, sharing a great deal of interest in the event itself and helping your top players secure the spot would normally get you good graces from your superiors -- which in return would "normally" give you consolation packages that they earn from winning the event. They get this for free -- so there is no point of hoarding it for themselves or not allocating it to active players in the alliance. Just make sure to always try your best to help the alliance in any way you can.

9. Get to VIP3 and unlock the "Sultan's Fund" in Bonus Events. Lords who are VIP3 or higher can purchase Sultan's Fund for 3000 Gold. Once the fund is purchased, upgrade your castle until you reach designated threshold levels that will reward you with large sums of Gold. Additionally, newly created servers (New Kingdoms) usually multiply these value of rewards too. Below are the sum of gold you receive when you reach specified Castle levels :

Castle 5 - 2000 Gold
Castle 10 - 2000 Gold
Castle 15 - 2000 Gold
Castle 19 - 3000 Gold
Castle 22 - 5000 Gold
Castle 25 - 8000 Gold
Castle 28 - 10000 Gold
Castle 30 - 20000 Gold

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