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What is the Main Dungeon and Daily Dungeon for?

What is the Main Dungeon and Daily Dungeon for?
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What is the Main Dungeon and Daily Dungeon for?

Think of it as missions of the PVE (player versus environment) section of the game -- which sets up battles that are progressively becoming harder each time you beat a level. Equivalently, the rewards you get from these dungeons becomes better and better. Additionally, the items that you usually get here are mainly used to improve the equipment of your character (Lord). Different dungeons reward you with different stones -- used when you perform either enhancement or strengthening on your equipment. There are different enhancement stones -- unique for each individual type of equipment, while you could use the Strengthening stone to universally strengthen any equipment.

What is the Main Dungeon and Daily Dungeon for?
How to Play in Dungeon?

The Dungeon is found at the right most part of the citadel designated as "Military Wharf" in the port area near the VIP store. To participate, simply tap on it and pick whether you’d play on the Daily Dungeon or the Main Dungeon. The Main Dungeon has stages laid out to you that are progressively harder to beat, and are designed for you to take as you progress with your troop variants (troop level) as well as you increase your marching troop size. You can take it anytime and progress through its levels for as long as you can beat the pertaining challenge/s. The main dungeon also has a handsome set of reward packages (Island Stage Rewards) -- whenever you get to complete a section of the map (when you earn 3 stars on all its levels).

On the other hand, you have the Daily Dungeons too -- somewhat like a quick mission / quick challenge type of dungeon. The different dungeon areas in Daily Dungeon mainly give you the variety of enhancement stones you’ll need to improve the different equipment you have. For instance, the “Gauntlet Skerry” area in the Daily Dungeon, will reward you with “Gloves Enhancement Stone”. You can also opt to re-do the challenges that you’ve previously beat -- however, higher level stages tend to give better rewards.

What is the Main Dungeon and Daily Dungeon for?
Schedule of Dungeons:

Monday: Helm Atoll + Strengthening Island
Tuesday: Weapon Reef + Strengthening Island
Wednesday: Gauntlet Skerry + Strengthening Island
Thursday: Armor Isle + Strengthening Island
Friday: Pants Key + Strengthening Island
Saturday: Boots Bar + Strengthening Island
Sunday: All Islands

Before you get to play any of the battles, you’ll have to play a simple elimination game called Naval Warfare -- which is a simple shooter game which requires you to meet a certain score before it allows you to play the actual battles. Additionally, the higher the score you have in naval warfare, the more rewards you will receive from that island. If you fail to complete or beat the challenge, you can keep re-trying until you succeed.

What is the Main Dungeon and Daily Dungeon for?
Why is it important to play the dungeons?

Dungeons mainly supply you with the items used to improve your equipment. These equipment will give you permanent increase in power as you improve them. Also, take note that as you upgrade them, they will require more and more quantities of enhancement and strengthening stones for the next upgrade. Permanent power in the game plays a huge role in giving you edge against your enemies (other invading players or those which you are attacking) -- as it increases your percentage of winning (through difference in power) against similar leveled troops on enemy castles.

What is the Main Dungeon and Daily Dungeon for?
Quick tip:

To actually improve your equipment, you’ll have to visit your Blacksmith facility (just beside your institute), and pick from the option of either Enhancing it or Strengthening it. To learn more about improving your equipment and what it actually does, you may want to check our Equipment Guide.

What is the Main Dungeon and Daily Dungeon for?

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