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Distillery Recipes
Distillery Recipes

The recipes for producing drinks in the Distillery in Sea of Conquest come in 4 rarity classes. These are B, A, S and S+. The lower class recipes are made with simple ingredients, while for the S and S+ class recipes you will need to use more items or higher rarity ingredients.

Shown below is our full list of the recipes and the known ingredients that you need to make them. In some cases there will be more than one way to make them with similar items but these have been tested and shown to work.

Updated to include Season 5 recipes

If you have any other confirmed ingredients for the recipes please post them in the comments below so we can expand the list for all of our pirate brethren.

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Note: Some items have more than one possible recipe, usually there will be 1 or more required ingredients and others are optional. We will try to list the basic ingredients needed for each item.

S+ Tier Recipes

Drink Ingredients
Divine Gin Fizz 1 Juniper Berry, 1 Lemon, 1 Sugar, 1 Soda
Divine Gin & Tonic 1 Juniper Berry, 3x Tonic Water.
Divine Tequila Sunset 2 Oranges, 1 grape, 1 agave
Divine Lonely Queen 2 Agave, 1 orange, 1 lemon
Divine The Sailor 2x Orange, 2x Potato
Heavenly Hot Toddy 2x Barley, 1 Water, 1 Sugar
Divine Gaucus's Kiss 2x Sugar Cane, 2x Barley
Heavenly Hometown 1 Grape, 3 Junpier Berry
Divine Mojito 2x Sugar Cane, 1 Lemon, 1 Sugar
Heavenly Mead 3x Honey
Heavenly Wheat Beer 3x Wheat
Reserve Cider 3x Apple
Reserve Coffee 3x Coffee Beans
Divine Sake Alcohol 2x Water, 2x Rice
Divine Plum Wine 2x Water. 2x Green Plum
Precious Tea 2x Water. 2x Mint Leaves
Energizing Mango Juice 2x Water. 2x Mango

S Tier Recipes

Drink Ingredients
Reserve Wine 3x Grape
Reserve Teqila 3x Agave
Reserve Rum 3x Sugar Cane
Reserve Vodka 3x Potato
Reserve Gin 3x Juniper Berry
Reserve Whisky 3x Barley
Premium Gin Fizz 1 Juniper Berry, 1 Lemon, 1 Soda
Premium Gin & Tonic 1 Juniper Berry, 2 Tonic Water
Premium Tequila Sunset 1 Grape, 1 Juniper Berry, 1 Agave,1 Orange
Premium Lonely Queen 1 Grape, 1 Agave, 1 Lemon, 1 Water
Premium The Sailor 1 Potato, 1 Junpier Berry, 2
Premium Hot Toddy 1 Barley, 1 Sugar, 1 Water
Premium Gaucus's Kiss 3x Sugar Cane, 1 Barley
Premium Hometown 2x Grape, 2x Juniper Berry
Premium Mojito 1 Sugar Cane, 1 Lemon, 1 Sugar
Premium Mead 2x Honey
Premium Wheat Beer 2x Wheat
Premium Cider 2x Apple
Premium Coffee 2x Coffee Beans
Premium Sake Alcohol 1 Water, 2x Rice
Premium Plum Wine 1 Water, 2x Green Plum
Fragrant Tea 1 Water, 2x Mint Leaves
Aromatic Mango Juice 1 Water, 2x Mango

A Tier Recipes

Drink Ingredients
Premium Wine 2x Grape
Premium Tequila 2x Agave
Premium Rum 2x Sugar Cane
Premium Vodka 2x Potato
Premium Gin 2x Juniper Berry
Premium Whisky 2x Barley
Ordinary Gin Fizz 1 Juniper Berry, 1 Soda
Ordinary Gin & Tonic 1 Grape, 1 Juniper Berry, 1 Orange (or lemon), 1 Tonic Water
Ordinary The Sailor 1 Potato, 2 Juniper Berry, 1 Orange
Ordinary Hot Toddy 1 Barley, 1 Sugar
Ordinary Gaucus's Kiss 1 Barley, 1 Sugar Cane
Ordinary Homeland 1 Grape, 1 Juniper Berry
Ordinary Mead 1 Honey
Ordinary Wheat Beer 1 Wheat
Ordinary Cider 1x Apple
Ordinary Coffee 1x Coffee Beans
Ordinary Sake Alcohol 2x Water, 1 Rice
Ordinary Plum Wine 2x Water, 1 Green Plum
Plain Tea 2x Water. 1 Mint Leaves
Ordinary Mango Juice 2x Water, 1 Mango

B Tier Recipes

Drink Ingredients
Ordinary Wine 1 Grape
Ordinary Tequila 1 Agave
Ordinary Rum 1 Sugar Cane
Ordinary Vodka 1 Potato
Ordinary Gin 1 Juniper Berry
Ordinary Whisky 1 Barley
Regular Beverage 1 Water
No New Recipes
No New Recipes
No New Recipes
No New Recipes

Please help expand this list by adding any new recipe information you have below. Thank you.

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